Do you want to know the best 3 heart rate monitors?

Some heart rate monitors just hit a sweet spot. They have the “x” factor.

They offer you extreme value because they are exceptionally affordable. They offer you extreme reliability and are extremly effective at helping you unlock all the heart rate training benefits.

After researching all 314 heart rate monitor options available for you to purchase I feel I have a pretty good idea which are the ultimate best heart rate monitors. Here they are organized by best value for the money, best strapless and best entry level

… You should know that these aren’t the most expensive heart rate monitors. They aren’t the ones with all the bells and whistles, but they are the most reliable, most trusted and most golden of the lot.

Best Value For The Money

Targeted heart rate zone training for race improvement

1.) Timex Ironman Race Trainer

Timex Race Trainer Heart rate monitor

Do you want a feature packed heart rate monitor that looks like a normal sport watch?

Topping my list is the watch that does style, form and function best – the IRONMAN Race Trainer. The name says it all.

Do you stick with your training even when your legs burn, even when you can’t think straight and even when your lungs beg you to stop? The Race Trainer is for you then because it WILL stick with you in these times. And that’s what you need.

You get hefty features like 5 target zones, calorie counter, coded chest strap, interval timers and ability to set (manually) target zones for each, recovery heart rate timer, data transfer to computer (with add-on DataExchanger), stopwatch and 100m water resistance – although you will not be able to get heart rate data while swimming.

Train like a pro

Timex Race Trainer Purple Heart rate monitor

With the Race Trainer’s interval timers you can easily train like a pro. You have the ability to set a heart rate zone for each timer.

That means you can setup a “warmup pace” with whatever heart rate zone you want your warmup to have. And you can set the interval timer to be however long you want your warmup to last. So the watch makes sure you stay in your warmup heart rate zone until the timer goes off. If you go too fast or slow the watch beeps. When the warmup is over the watch beeps. And you know to move on to your next preset pace/heart rate zone. So on…

Your entire training session becomes perfectly paced and timed as if you were on a treadmill doing one of those in-built treadmill programs. But of course, the watch frees you from the confines of an underwear smelling cardio-room sweatbox and allows you to enjoy the sweet smelling fresh air and cool breeze in your face. Priceless!

Look like your sponsored

It’s cool looking. Men’s and women’s versions both look like normal Timex sports watches. Wear it to the park, to work, to the shopping center… It can be your training watch, your normal watch and keep you looking good the whole time.

You will not be disappointed with this watches ability to unlock ALL the benefits of heart rate training.

 Best General Fitness HRMs


If you exercise by doing workout videos, exercise classes, bootcamps, sprinting, walking or any other general fitness activity…

…You’ll want a general fitness heart rate monitor.

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Best Strapless

At last! A strapless heart rate monitor that can give you real-time heart rate continuously:

2.) ePulse2 

ePulse2 Best Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Do you want the ONLY strapless monitor that CONTINUOUSLY monitors your heart rate?

Sick of wearing an uncomfortable chest strap? Sick of touching a button on the watch to test heart rate?

The ePulse2 is the only watch for you!

Strapless yet continuous monitoring

Impact Sports Technologies has developed this strapless, and yet, continuous heart rate monitoring training computer. It is a worlds first!

Usually when you come across a strapless heart rate monitor you expect to touch some button on the watch face to give your heart rate. You don’t expect a real-time, continuous readout. But the ePulse2 does just that.

It “sees” every one of your heart beats

The gist of how this puppy works is a light emitting sensor on the back of the watch display emits wavelengths/light that “looks” at the change in your blood vessel diameter as blood gushes through. Thus the watch sees that increase and knows you have had a heart beat.

Has everything you need in a heart rate monitor

So I’ve established that this gem is strapless and how it STILL manages to give you continuous heart rate during exercise.

But can it do anything else?

The ePulse2 can do everything you need a heart rate monitor to do. It has a stopwatch, calories burned counter, target AND custom heart rate zones, exercise time, can tell you maximum/minimum/average heart rate for the training session and also has a nice big OLED display that let’s you see it perfect NIGHT and day. And a rechargeable battery!

The ePulse2 strapless monitor has a high rating… Some people do mention the battery draw as high (because of the continuous light emitting.) They say after 3 hours continuous heart rate monitoring the ePulse2 requires charging. Luckily it comes stock with a rechargeable battery! Will you ever exercise for 3 hours or more before being able to recharge?

Best Strapless HRMs


Do you hate the thought of exercising with a chest strap? Yes?

You’ll want a strapless heart rate monitor.

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Best Entry Level

Most affordable Polar with data upload to Mac or PC

3.) Polar FT7

Polar FT7 Black and Red

Do you want the most affordable Polar heart rate monitor with data upload to PC or Mac?

Wait…Why don’t all Polar heart rate monitors allow for heart rate data upload?

Simply, because some people couldn’t give a damn about seeing their heart rate data in graph form on the computer screen. Some people are happy just seeing their heart rate in real-time as they exercise… But does being constrained by real-time leave you feeling ordinary?

Best value for price tag

If you want a Polar. If you want their “sweet spot” fitness heart rate monitor. The FT7 is their least expensive monitor with data upload to Mac or PC (via the FlowLink add-on.) Because of that I feel it carries immense potential for all ranges of people to improve their heart rate training effectiveness and efficiency., where your data will eventually end up, has heaps of features to help you create perfect “tailored” training programs for

  • duration (tell you how long to workout for each session)
  • intensity (tell you how hard to push yourself each session ie. which heart rate zones to train in) and
  • frequency (how many times per week to exercise to prevent overtraining).

All made knowing YOUR ACTUAL heart rate history. All NOT possible without data upload.

So, the FT7 is the most affordable Polar with this ability. It WILL help you reach your fitness targets fast. By preventing overtraining you will never do the too-often-done-dance “2 steps forward one step backward” that crutches many peoples fitness results.

Do you want “tailored” workouts better than any Personal Trainer could give?

Colors galore to suit styles of men and women

And Polar just released new colors. The FT7 is available for men and women in black/gold, red/silver and black/red as shown. Just click the link below to see ’em all

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