What makes a women’s heart rate monitor a women’s heart rate monitor?

Womens Heart Rate MonitorHeart rate monitor companies make women’s heart rate monitor and men’s versions of heart rate monitors mainly to suit for size and color preference differences. No other reason!

Can women use men’s heart rate monitors?

If you’re a women you can by all means get a men’s heart rate monitor… Heck, there is no reason why men can’t get a women’s heart rate monitor if they have small wrist size… Or prefer the colors.

Sick of sifting through all the men’s versions to find the female options?

This page is for the women so they don’t have to sift around looking for the smaller size or more feminine color heart rate monitors… They’re all here in one place for you.

4 features of a women’s heart rate monitor

But just so you know – there are 4 equally important factors that make up a women’s heart rate monitor:

  1. A smaller wrist band size
  2. A smaller more streamlined watch face
  3. A smaller chest strap (in the ones that have chest strap)
  4. More feminine colors (red, purple, pink and aqua etc.)

This page is organized by the best styles and types with the 3 best women’s heart rate monitors for each…

Jump to the category of your choice:


Best Strapless Women’s Heart Rate Monitor

At last! A strapless heart rate monitor that can give you real-time heart rate continuously:

1) ePulse2

ePulse2 Best Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Do you want the ONLY strapless monitor that CONTINUOUSLY monitors your heart rate?

Sick of wearing an uncomfortable chest strap? Sick of touching a button on the watch to test heart rate?

The ePulse2 is the only watch for you!

Impact Sports Technologies has developed this strapless, and yet, continuous heart rate monitoring training computer. It is a worlds first!

Usually when you come across a strapless heart rate monitor you expect to touch some button on the watch face to give your heart rate. You don’t expect a real-time, continuous readout. But the ePulse2 does just that.

The gist of how this puppy works is a light emitting sensor on the back of the watch display emits wavelengths/light that “looks” at the change in your (forearm’s) blood vessel diameter as blood gushes through. Thus the watch sees that increase and thus knows you have had a heart beat.

The ePulse2 strapless monitor has a high approval rating… Some people do mention the battery draw as high (because of the continuous light emitting.) They say after 3 hours continuous heart rate monitoring the ePulse2 requires charging. Luckily it comes stock with a rechargeable battery.

Announcing! New buttonless “like-an-iPhone-touch-screen” heart rate monitor that can work strapless and with a chest strap:

2) Oregon Scientific Gaiam

Strapless Women's Heart Rate Monitor Oregon Scientific

Coming in 2nd place for best strapless women’s heart rate monitors is the brand spanking new Oregon Scientific Gaiam. So, what’s new and cool about it?

It is strapless. And it also works with a chest strap! But the main cool factor is that there are no buttons to press while going strapless. The entire screen of the watch face is the button! You know how you can touch an iPhone screen – same thing. Which also means, that since this Gaiam has 50m water resistance, it is good for lap swimming… and then when you stop for a quick break you can take your heart rate and not have to worry about water ingress through buttons.

It also has a stopwatch, calorie counter and is the thinnest design out there… So women, what do you think? O, and there’s quite a few different color options for you… Just check ’em out at the link below:

For women by a women “stay cute while achieving the body you desire”:

3) MIO Drive Petite

Mio Drive Petite Heart Rate Monitor

Coming in third place for strapless women’s heart rate monitors is the thoughtfully designed by a women MIO Motiva Petite. The founder of MIO, Liz Dickinson, invented the VERY first strapless heart rate monitor in 1999. The MIO brand is the most well known in the strapless heart rate monitor world. And as such, their watches have been tried and tested more than any other strapless.

The MIO Drive is basic but affordable. It gives you an ECG accurate heart rate on demand (you touch and hold 2 buttons for a few seconds), calorie counter and outputs your heart rate in beats per minute and as % of your max HR.


Best General Fitness Women’s Heart Rate Monitor

Cheapest Polar with data upload to PC or MAC:

1) Polar FT7F

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Coming in 1st for general fitness women’s heart rate monitors is the Polar FT7F. And…why number 1? Data upload! The FT7F is the most affordable Polar watch with the ability to upload your heart rate data to PC or Mac via the Polar FlowLink device.

Who cares?

Well, with data upload you can take advantage of PolarPersonalTrainer.com, which is free. On that website you can track your workouts, log your food and receive personalized exercise programs based on the HR data you upload. Never overtrain or under train again!

The FT7 hits a sweet spot and gives you the best of both worlds (price and functionality). Just released are several new color options. Click the link below to check ‘em out.

Turn your iPod up to rock concert volume and STILL heart rate train with ease:

2) Timex Zone Trainer

Zone Trainer Womens

Do you like listening to your music while exercising away? Well, with the Zone Trainer you can do that AND still heart rate train like a pro because of the Zone Trainer’s zone graphic display…

…Most heart rate monitors will simply beep when you move between different heart rate zones. How are you supposed to remember which zone your are currently in? Well, with the Zone Trainer you can just look at the display at the top of the watch screen. During bootcamp or exercise class this can be crucial. Because if you see you are in the max zone you could immediately slow down – if you don’t want to be in that zone.

All-in-all the Zone Trainer is a perfect training companion for general fitness activities.

Get trained better than a movie actress slimming down for a role:

3) Polar FT60F

Polar FT60 Womens

The FT60 is more expensive than the others on this list. Still, I see it as excellent value. And judging by the reviews around – a lot of people would agree with me.

People like how easy it is to setup your personal data on the FT60 (age, weight, heart rate zones etc.), how easy it is to view the stored workout heart rate data, that it is compatible with GPS and foot pod sensors… And that it has a few different colors and sizes available for women!

If you are looking for a versatile, high performance and durable fitness heart rate monitor that you can grow into the FT60 is your best bet.


Best Running Women’s Heart Rate Monitor

How lovely would it be to see your real-time speed and pace and distance travelled while on the open roads?

1) Garmin Forerunner 110

Garmin forerunner 110 Heart Rate Monitor

Taking the top spot for running women’s heart rate monitors is the GPS enabled Garmin Forerunner 110. But don’t let all the gadgets on this watch fool you it is amazingly easy to use – even if you’re a noobie…

… The 110 is perfect for the running women because with this GPS watch you can record your runs for later upload to the free Garmin website Garmin Connect or simply to your computer with Garmin Training Center (to keep a log). You can see you running speed, distance and thus pace to maintain your training pace or to simply know how fast you are going. You get a rechargeable battery, accurate calorie counter (for weight management and piece of mind), automatic lap recording and all the sport watch capability you could ever ask for.

Now you can run outdoors like you were indoors on an inbuilt treadmill running course with the Road Trainers heart rate zone alarms:

2) Timex Road Trainer

Timex Women's Road Trainer Heart rate monitor

Coming in second on my list of best running women’s heart rate monitors is this Timex Road Trainer. You won’t be disappointed with the ability of this watch to take your heart rate training to the next level.

You get features usually reserved for more expensive watches like 5 target zones, calorie counter, coded chest strap, recovery heart rate timer, data transfer to PC or Mac, stopwatch and 100m water resistance (which means surface swimming – but HR data won’t work while swimming).

I seriously cannot believe this watch is so affordable. This heart rate monitor is awesome!

Accurately know your speed, pace and distance while running with the bundled foot pod:

3) Garmin FR60 w/Foot Pod

Garmin FR60 Foot Pod

Third place goes to the Garmin FR60 with the foot pod bundled in. What’s a foot pod? A foot pod uses your running stride to measure your speed, pace and distance – essential for a good running heart rate monitor.

The FR60 also has a calorie counter and some ridiculously useful in-built programs that i’d like to tell you about. Virtual partner allows you to compete with a virtual person (for competitive motivation) and custom interval training (you set up your desired rest and exert times and watch alarms you when to go and when to stop)… My friend (a girl) has this watch and uses it to train for triathlons… She loves how easy it is to move around inside the watch functions and how it isn’t pink and is yet a WOMEN’S and women’s watch size.


Best Entry Level Women’s Heart Rate Monitor

Take a look at the bestselling Polar heart rate monitor:

1) Polar FT4F

Polar FT4 Watch

The bestselling Polar heart rate monitor boasts some lovely heart rate features like automatic age based target zones, 10 workout data memory, a coded signal between chest strap and watch, a calorie counter and a user replaceable battery.

It is one of Polar’s most entry level monitors, and also their best selling heart rate monitor.

You can get this watch in pink/orange as shown or grey/black. As you would expect from a best seller, this watch also shows favorable ratings.

Take a look at the bestselling Timex heart rate monitor:

2) Timex Personal Trainer

Timex T5G971 Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

The Timex Personal Trainer is the bestselling heart rate monitor out of all brands is a basic entry level type heart rate monitor. It may look more masculine than the others on this page but I assure you it is unisex.

Obviously, a lot of people are starting to train the smart way, the heart rate way and want an affordable easy to use heart rate monitor with a chest strap, calorie counter, real time heart rate display and 1 workouts worth of heart rate data storage.

If you are looking for something to get you started into heart rate training, then this Timex should do the trick!

Best for the minimalists:

3) Timex Easy Trainer

Timex T5G941 Easy Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

One model down from the above Personal Trainer is the Easy Trainer by Timex. So, what’s the difference? I’m glad you asked…

…This Easy Trainer is as entry level as they come. You get real-time heart rate display and single workouts summary of average and max heart rate. What you don’t get that the Personal Trainer does have is: Calorie counter, user replaceable battery, 1 heart rate zone (to ensure your training has the effect you want – fat burning or cardio improving etc.), your heart rate displayed as a % of max HR (based on age predicted max 220 – age) and a recovery heart rate timer (to tell you how much your heart rate recovers after exercise – good indicator of a healthy heart if it drops really fast).