Do you find chest straps annoying?

Wouldn’t it be nice if all heart rate monitor were strapless heart rate monitor? Why aren’t they you ask? Well, let me tell you: Because with the exception of 1 (ePulse2) you have to touch a button on the watch face to get your heart rate…

…With the chest strap you get continuos/real-time heart rate… And lots of people need/want to track in real-time… Do you? If you want strapless and continuous go the ePulse2… If you don’t need continuous go with 1 of the other 5 below.

How do strapless heart rate monitors work?

Strapless heart rate monitors don’t require a chest strap to sense your heart beat. Instead of having a sensor in a chest strap these monitors use a sensor in the underside of the watch face. When you touch the button on the top part of the watch you close your bodies electrical loop. This allows the watches sensors to start measuring your heart rate. Thus you need to be touching the button to be sensing your heart rate (with exception of ePulse2).

Are they accurate?

Strapless heart rate monitors are ECG (electrocardiograph) accurate. Research reports and peer-reviewed studies confirm that even medical practicners can and should use strapless heart rate monitors to take a patients heart rate.

When were they invented?

MIO watches founder Liz Dickinson invented the first strapless heart rate monitor in 1999. MIO are to this day the most popular brand of strapless monitors.

What’s new and cool?

Impact Sports Technologies introduced the worlds first strapless “and continuous” monitoring heart rate monitor with the release of its ePulse in 2009.

The ePulse is made of comfortable sweat band like material and wraps around your forearm – not your wrist. It uses a light emitting sensor on the backside the watch-face to “see” every-time blood gushes through your forearm. Hence it “sees” when each heart beat happens. Thus it continuously monitors your heart rate. Cool hey?

Heart rate monitoring – a team sport?

Believe it or not strapless heart rate monitors kill at parties – people love ’em. Get a strapless monitor to easily compare heart rates with your friends and family.

The Best 6 Strapless Heart Rate Monitors

At last! A strapless heart rate monitor that can give you real-time heart rate continuously:

1) ePulse2 Strapless HRM and Calorie Counter

ePulse2 Best Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Do you want the ONLY strapless monitor that CONTINUOUSLY monitors your heart rate?

Sick of wearing an uncomfortable chest strap? Sick of touching a button on the watch to test heart rate?

The ePulse2 is the only watch for you!

Impact Sports Technologies has developed this strapless, and yet, continuous heart rate monitoring training computer. It is a worlds first!

Usually when you come across a strapless heart rate monitor you expect to touch some button on the watch face to give your heart rate. You don’t expect a real-time, continuous readout. But the ePulse2 does just that.

The gist of how this puppy works is a light emitting sensor on the back of the watch display emits wavelengths/light that “looks” at the change in your (forearm’s) blood vessel diameter as blood gushes through. Thus the watch sees that increase and thus knows you have had a heart beat.

The ePulse2 strapless monitor has aa high approval rating… Some people do mention the battery draw as high (because of the continuous light emitting.) They say after 3 hours continuous heart rate monitoring the ePulse2 requires charging. Luckily it comes stock with a rechargeable battery.


Look at the descendant of the first ever strapless heart rate monitor:

2) MIO Classic Select

Mio Classic Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Do you want most tried and tested strapless heart rate monitor in existence?

Sick of guessing how hard you’re training your body? Sick of hearing stories about friends buying cheap-no-good heart rate monitors from K-Mart that break in days?

The MIO Classic is the most tried and tested strapless heart rate monitor. MIO invented strapless and the Classic is the classic. You can have a personal trainer on your wrist. It can track your calories, give you heart rate…


Stay cute while achieving the body you desire:

3) MIO Drive Petite

Mio Drive Petite Heart Rate Monitor

Do you have petite wrists?

Sick of purchasing unisex watches that are big for your wrists? Sick of having to use the last notch on your watch band?

MIO founder Liz Dickinson has thoughtfully ensured all shapes and sizes of wrists are catered for. The Mio Petite has a small size watch face and wrist band so that ladies, like herself, are kept looking stylish while exercising.

The Drive Petite has calories counter, % of max heart rate display and is very affordable…


Swimming used to be low-tech:

4) Oregon Scientific SE138

Strapless heart rate monitor

Do you want to do swim training? This watch is best for that!

Perfect for you if you need a strapless heart rate monitor that won’t break when you try to get your heart rate while swimming. This watch won’t work underwater but it will work when you take a quick rest. The watch doesn’t require any button pushing and thus does not ingress water and break.

It is 50m water resistance which translates to surface swimming.


Now you can track every step you take, every calorie you burn and ensure you are hitting your exercise sweet spot the entire time:

5) Sportline Solo 925

Sportline Solo 925 Women's Heart rate monitor

Do you want a pedometer with a strapless heart rate monitor?

Women: Sick of boring black and blue watches? Want pink?

The Sportline Solo 925W comes in pink and is a well suited size for women’s wrists. The watch also has stopwatch and clock. And most importantly it has an accelerometer/pedometer to track your steps and distance daily. O, and calories burned during that day.

If you want all that and a 5 year warranty…


Announcing! The strapless AND chest strap capable heart rate monitor:

6) Bowflex Hybrid Plus

Bowflex Strapless heart rate monitor

Do you want strapless and chest strap functionality in one? The Bowflex Hybrid is a hyrbrid of strapless and chest strap – it works with both.

Sick of owning a chest strap heart rate monitor AND strapless monitor? Would you like to roll both features into one watch?

You can get a Bowflex heart rate monitor that works strapless and when you want continuous heart rate – works with the in-the-box chest strap.

It also has a stopwatch, high and low target heart rate zone alarms and calories counter.