Only pick your heart rate monitor from this page if you agree that people who heart rate train are smart!

A good choice! Buying a bestselling/popular HR monitor is really just the same as going to a new restaurant or pub with a friend (who frequents the place) and when the waiter comes up to you you say, “I’ll have what they’re having.”

You’ve done that right?

Thought so… well, you’re deciding to trust them because YOU KNOW they have been to the place many times. And there is a GOOD chance they know the best meals, sides and drinks that place offers.

Trusting people who already know what is best saves you time, hassle and you still get the the best on offer

Picking from this list of the bestselling is the same as saying, “I’ll have what they’re having!”

‘Cept instead of getting the grilled cheese sandwich you’re getting a top-notch heart rate monitor. Top-notch! Because our fellow heart rate training peeps are Einstein like… they must be! They’re training the smart way.

What’ll ya have…?

Most Popular Strapless Heart Rate Monitors


1) ePulse2

ePulse2 Best Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Do you hate wearing a chest strap but love seeing your real-time (continuous) heart rate while training?

The ePulse2 is the only strapless heart rate monitor that can satisfy your needs.

It wraps around your forearm and senses your heart rate without a chest strap and without you having to touch and hold a button, like most other strapless monitors. Everyone who has bought this watch has loved it.

The only complaint is that it has to be recharged after 3 hours of continuous monitoring. However, it does come with a rechargeable battery.


2) Mio Classic

Mio Classic Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Are you just getting started heart rate training and want an affordable and reliable *strapless* monitor with ECG accurate heart rate?

The Mio Classic is the benchmark for all other strapless monitors because Mio invented strapless in 1999 and have continued to innovate since then.

It can track your calories daily, tell you percent of max heart rate and all just by touching and holding its watch-face with two fingers.


3) Mio Drive Petite

Mio Drive Petite Heart Rate Monitor

Do you have a small wrist and prefer the look of the Drive Petite compared to the above Mio Classic?

The Drive Petite, as the name suggests, is designed for people with petite wrists. Not only is its wrist band smaller but also the watch face is less bulky. It is an often overlooked aesthetic by watch companies, but Mio is a thoughtful brand.

The Drive Petite has all the essential features for heart rate training like ECG accurate heart rate, percentage of max heart rate and calories burned.

Most Popular General Fitness Heart Rate Monitors


1) Polar FT4

Polar FT4 heart rate monitor

Do you want a monitor that can record 10 workouts but you don’t really care about uploading that data to Mac or PC?

The Polar FT4 is the most popular Polar for a reason. And although it does not allow for data upload, it has automatic age-based target heart rate zones and the ability to set 5 zones manually. This means that you will hear an audible alarm when your heart rate toggles through your zones.

In addition, the FT4 has a coded chest strap, like most Polars, so that your chest strap will continuously “talk” with your watch to output real-time heart rate.


2) Polar FT7

Polar FT7 heart rate monitor

Do you like the FT4 but you want a Polar that has data upload?

The Polar FT7 is the most entry level Polar with data upload to Mac or PC. It also has a 99 workout memory and a slightly better chest strap than the FT4 (FT7 has WearLink).

Aside from those two added features, it does not boast automatic age-based zones (only 5 manual zones) when compared with the FT4.


3) Polar FT60

Polar FT60 heart rate monitor

Do you want a training computer than can and will optimise your training for maximum results in minimum time?

The Polar FT60 has a revolutionary feature that Polar calls the STAR training program. It helps by telling you how frequently, how long and how hard you should be training (based on heart rate). In addition to that, it has the ability to alert you when you are training too hard, essentially that means you won’t be allowed to overtrain.

The FT60 is a personal trainer on your wrist. It has VO2max fitness test, which is a measurement of your fitness. And although many worry about the accuracy of it, it is nonetheless a decent estimate for you to gauge progress.

You can also add on GPS pod and S1 foot pod to supplement the already extensive heart rate training data that the FT60 can record for you.

Most Popular Ironman Triathlon (Multisport Endurance) Training Monitors


1) Garmin Forerunner 305

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Heart Rate Monitor

Do you want an affordable GPS device with a heart rate monitor?

The Forerunner 305 is easily one of the best value for the money in the heart rate monitoring industry. You get a GPS receiver and everything else that comes with that technology like the ability to compete against yourself on your past tracks and against a virtual person.

The 305 is perfect for multisport training because it has a multisport function that allows you to keep the watch in the know by toggling through different sport recording modes. It is the ultimate training companion with custom interval training routines and simple workouts guidance for time, distance and calories.

However, with all this functionality comes a possible drawback: it is somewhat large for a wrist watch.


2) Timex Ironman Global Trainer

Timex Global Trainer GPS Heart rate monitor

Does the Timex brand tickle your fancy?

The best heart rate monitor from Timex, the sports watch powerhouse company, is the Global Trainer GPS. It has everything you could need in multisport training computer like manual and automatic target heart rate zones, interval timers (and heart rate zones for each), multisport data recording, 1000 laps and 20 workouts memory and of course data upload to Mac or PC.

It is quite a new offer from Timex but the watch is already very popular.


3) Garmin Forerunner 310XT

Garmin forerunner 310xt GPS Heart Rate Monitor

Do you like the Garmin Forerunner 305 but want extra battery life and a fully waterproof watch?

The 310XT is a new and improved version of the highly successful Forerunner 305. Garmin added 10 hours battery life (to make it have a total of 20 hours) and made it fully waterproof to 50m.

Trust me, this watch has everything you need, so there is no point listing everything this bad boy has to offer.

Most Popular Running Heart Rate Monitors


Here are the two most popular heart rate monitors for running with a foot pod. A foot pod enables you to measure distance and speed and thus pace by tracking your stride length over time.

1) Polar RS300X SD With Foot Pod

Polar RS300X heart rate monitor

Do you require a stopwatch, data upload and want to track your fitness improvement by VO2max?

The Polar RS300X is an affordable option for you.

Its ‘X’ designation signifies that its compatible with the Polar GPS pod and the S1 foot pod for running (link is to one that already includes foot pod).


2) Garmin FR60 With Foot Pod

Garmin FR60 Foot Pod

Do you want a sweet Garmin heart rate monitor for running but don’t care about GPS?

The FR60 with the foot pod is perfect for you then. It also comes with a USB ANT+ stick which means wireless data transfer to your Mac or PC.

Garmin are known for their GPS devices, but not everyone wants GPS. So Garmin has listened and come out with the FR60 and hey, now it’s their bestselling watch and foot pod combination.

Most Popular Cycling Heart Rate Monitors


1) Polar CS300

Polar CS300 cycling wrist watch heart rate monitor

Do you want a cycling computer that can also be a wrist watch?

The CS300 can double as your general fitness training computer and your cycling computer because it is a wrist watch that comes with the Polar universal cycling mount and allows you to add on the CS cadence sensor.

You should know, however, that the CS300 is more of a jack of all trades instead of being awesome at just cycling like the below Garmin Edge 500.


2) Garmin Edge 500

Garmin Edge 500 Blue

Are you a serious cyclist that wants GPS, heart rate monitor and altimeter (for your ride inclines and declines)?

The Edge 500 is what I think is the best value for the money for cycling specific heart rate monitor training computers. And being that it is one of the bestselling – most would agree.

Most Popular HR Monitor From Each Brand:

POLAR – Most Popular


Polar FT4

Polar FT4 heart rate monitor

Polar has the widest range of heart rate monitors out of any brand. They also invented the first heart rate monitor in the late 70s. Their most popular monitor is:

GARMIN – Most Popular


Garmin 305GPS

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin are a GPS receiver company that bought into the heart rate monitor niche when they acquired the Canadian company that invented ANT+ technology (wireless sensor). Their most popular monitor is:

TIMEX – Most Popular


Timex Personal Trainer

Timex T5G971 Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

Everyone has surely heard of Timex sport watches, yeah? Well, quite remarkably they only released their first heart rate monitor in 2008 and since then their far and away most popular one is:

SUUNTO – Most Popular


Suunto M5

Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor

Suunto are a Finnish company most well known for their dive computers. However, they have taken that sports instrument knowledge and applied it to make some of the best heart rate monitors available. The most popular Suunto is:

MIO – Most Popular


Mio Classic

Mio Classic Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Strapless heart rate monitors were invented by Mio (well Mio’s founder) in 1999. So, I guess you could say Mio are Polar of strapless? Their most popular is:

SIGMA – Most Popular


Sigma PC15 

Sigma PC15 heart rate monitor

German precision! Sigma are probably best known for their cycling computers but they have some pretty cool heart rate monitors as well. Their most popular is:



Omron HR-100C 

Omron HR 100C Heart Rate Monitor

With other brands like Bowflex, Carepeutic, Fingertip, GSI, New Balance, Omron, Pro Form, Sportline and more there are some pretty awesome heart rate monitors to choose from. But the most popular from all these other brands is: