These 2 Suunto HRMs are the ones I would get because they offer the best value for the money

To be fully transparent I want you to know that I don’t actually own a Suunto heart rate monitor. To amass the reviews for Suunto on this website I simply did aggressive research on the Suunto website, read consumer reports, Amazon reviews and used my own knowledge of other heart rate monitors to draw the conclusions that I have.

That said, there is no reason why you should not get a Suunto. They have been a major-player in the heart rate monitoring game for years and are a massively trusted sport watch company.

Ultimate Suunto HRM For General Fitness

Suunto M2

Suunto M2 Womens Heart Rate MonitorDon’t be alarmed by the fact that this HRM is pink in the image right. I would not get the pink version…But that’s alright because you can also get a black version of this general fitness improvement and wellbeing heart rate monitor.

It comes with a stopwatch and ANT+ (similar to Bluetooth) digitally coded chest strap to prevent cross talk and ensure your HR values are accurate. It comes with a user replaceable battery to save you time, money and hassle when the battery dies (yearly).

One of the most important game-changing features on this watch is the training and exercise guidance in the form of heart rate zone guidance. You basically tell the watch your goals and it keeps you in the correct zone for that goal. Pretty cool, hey?

Best Suunto Watch For Endurance Sports and Triathlon Training

Suunto t6d

Suunto t6D Heart Rate MonitorSuunto’s offerring to the more advanced athlete is the triathlon training watch. And even though I do not actively compete in triathlons I would get this one because I enjoy training in water, on the bike, up the mountain, in the gym and everywhere in-between…

…I need a watch that can follow me anywhere and give me advanced data capture so I can “see” exactly why, how and what is working and not working to get my fitness levels to Lance Armstrong levels.

Even though it is expensive, it offers you some pretty incredible features that even Polar can’t seem to duplicate in a watch of the same price.

It has an altimeter to give you the incline and decline of the roads you train on. It has state-of-the-art wireless data upload to PC or Mac so that you can analyze in detail your running speeds and use that data to improve next time. It has a user replaceable battery a calorie counter and you can add-on any of the Suunto POD for running and cycling specific athletes.