After 6 months researching Polar, writing 50,000 words of buyer’s guides and reviews these are my recommendations – take ’em or leave ’em!

So you want a Polar watch because you’ve heard they’re the gold standard heart rate monitors.

But you don’t know which one is best for you because o’ so many.

My friend, NO worries!

I have taken my magnifying glass and looked long and hard for the best Polar watches.

I found ’em… Included below are the best 6 (sweet spot) “golden nuggets”. If you want to see the entire 20+ strong Polar product line – too easy – be sure to check out link (5) or (6)…

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Polar Watch I’d Buy


Polar FT60

Polar FT60 heart rate monitor Polar FT60

Do you think Personal Trainers smell funny and are too much $$$money? Me too, and for this reason the Polar watch I’d buy would need to be not smelly at training me. The FT60 best fits the bill.

So. Why is the FT60 not smelly at training you?

Polar calls it the STAR training program. It is what makes the FT60 much better than any Personal Trainer in the Universe at training you for fitness improvements. In particular the FT60 tells you exactly how many times to workout per week, how many minutes each session and which heart rate zones to train in… all to provide you the path of least resistance to peak fitness.

Other cool things you get:

VO2max fitness test: VO2max is a measure of your fitness. So having this test stock on your training computer allows you to track your fitness improvements over time. Usually getting VO2max requires breathing apparatus, sports physiologists and your $$$cash-money. So it’s cool to see that modern technology is making things easier.

Add-on GPS and or S1 foot pod: You can pay a little extra and get GPS and or the Polar S1 foot pod. These allow you to accurately measure your speed, distance and thus pace when exercising. Good for getting a little more out of your runs and hikes.

What I don’t mind, but don’t like:

  1. No stopwatch.
  2. Have to add-on Flowlink: You must buy the Flowlink data upload device separately.

What about you?

Peeps lovin’ how easy it is to view stored heart rate data on this watch. Average and max heart rates of each exercising session are valuable tid bits and having easy access is vital. Peeps also lovin’ the selection of different men’s and women’s colors and sizes… and what about you?

What do you think of the FT60?

Men! More FT60 info here

Women! More Purple Version FT60 info here


Polar Watch That is Best Value for Price Tag


Polar FT7

Polar FT7 Black and Red Click image for more Polar FT7 colors and sizes

Does being constrained by your real-time data leave you feeling ordinary?

Do you want the most affordable Polar heart rate monitor with data upload to PC or Mac?

FT7 = sweet spot

If you want a “sweet spot” fitness heart rate monitor. The FT7 is Polar’s least expensive monitor with data upload to Mac or PC (via the FlowLink add-on.) Because of that I feel it carries immense potential for all ranges of people looking to improve their training effectiveness and efficiency.

Do you feel your fitness is doing the “2 steps forward one step backward” dance?, where your data will eventually end up, has heaps of features to help you create tailored training programs better than any Personal Trainer on the planet could prescribe:

  • exact duration – tell you how long to workout for each session
  • correct intensity – tell you how hard to push yourself each session ie. which heart rate zones to train in
  • proper frequency – how many times per week to exercise to prevent overtraining.

Would you like to shoot your fitness levels into the clouds? Check out the FT7 color options…

Colors galore to suit styles of men and women

Polar just released new colors. The FT7 is available for men and women in black/gold, red/silver and black/red as shown. Just click the link below to see ‘em all:

Men and Women! More FT7 colors and info here


Best Polar Watches for Running


Polar RS300X With Foot Pod

Polar RS300X heart rate monitor Polar RS300X

The RS300X is more versatile than the RS100. It has stuff the RS100 can only dream of – the foot pod for accurate speed, distance and pace, has the ability to add-on GPS, has ability for data upload to Mac or PC, has VO2max fitness test and has 15 more workouts data storage than the RS100s 1.

How much would you pay for those extras?

Up to you really!

The Polar RS300X with Foot Pod is the perfect runner’s tool. The S1 foot pod attaches to your shoelaces and measures your running pace, speed and distance.

Things you might use the S1 foot pod for:

  • Training for a marathon more efficiently by always knowing your pace.
  • Racing against yourself on tracks you run each week.

See what else it offers …

GUNG-HO Runners, Yo! More RS300X info here


Polar RS100

Polar RS100 heart rate monitor Polar RS100

Although the RS100 dreams of one day growing into the RS300X’s old shoes that day is not today. The RS100 is still a great design by Polar… as it looks pretty much exactly the same as the RS300X!

The RS100 simply put is the entry level Polar watch with a stopwatch. Runners love stopwatches right? I don’t do much jogging but I love sprinting and no way in hell could I sprint without a stopwatch!

So you decide what you really need in a heart rate watch. Do you even need the extras the RS300X above offers? Or is calories, heart rate, heart rate zones, stopwatch and 1 workouts data storage good enough?

The RS100 has an enthusiastic approval rating and only has the features you actually need and use…

…Like I said it has a stopwatch lap timer, which is crucial for running training and has personal heart rate zone limits, a coded chest strap transmission and 1 workout worth of heart rate data storage – to get you into the habit of analysing your average and max heart rate of training.

Runners new to HR training! More RS100 INFOmation here


Best Polar Watches for General Fitness Stuff Like Workout Videos, Exercise Classes, Walking, Squash, Other Sports, Weight Training and Bootcamps…


1.) FT60 above

2.) FT7 above

3) Polar FT4

Polar FT4 Watch Polar FT4 Women’s Version

When you drop from FT7 to FT4 you lose data upload and 89 workouts data storage.

How much is data upload and 89 workouts data storage worth to you?

If there is no way you could ever justify paying for data upload and 89 extra workouts data storage, then the FT4 is a good-solid-entry-level choice from Polar.

It is the bestselling Polar watch and the third best selling heart rate monitor overall.

It boasts some lovely heart rate features like automatic age based target zones, 10 workout data memory, a coded signal between chest strap and watch, a calorie counter and a user replaceable battery.

You can get this watch in a ton of different colors to suit men and women of all ages and styles…

Does pink blow your skirt up?

Does grey with black trim raise your flag?

Women and MEN! Mo’ INFO here  <— See color options


4) Polar FT40

Polar FT40 heart rate monitor Polar FT40 Men’s Version

Coming in fourth place for general fitness Polar watches is the FT40… Model-up from FT7 and model-down from FT60.

There are, in my opinion, some pretty crucial things missing from the FT40’s arsenal and that is why it is 4 and not 1. 2. or 3. on this list.

Let me explain:

FT7— If you spend a little less you get the FT7 and the only feature you lose is the VO2max fitness test, which helps you to track fitness improvements over time.

FT60— If you spend a little more you get the FT60 and the extra AWESOME benefit of STAR training program that trains you better than any Personal Trainer in the galaxy.

FT60— You also get automatic age-based heart rate zones (FT40 only has manual) and you ALSO get ability to add-on GPS AND a neat little gizmo called OwnZone which gives you heart rate limits for each-and-ever workout you do. Combine that with STAR Training and you will never-ever do anything less than the perfect amount of exercise.

So, consider the FT40 the FT7 with VO2max fitness test. It does look a little different and does cost a bit more…

It’s your decision…

What’ll it be?

MEN! More FT40 info here

WOMEN! More FT40 info here

WOMEN! White Version! More info here


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