Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Sportline 925W

Strapless, Like A Fancy Bra


PRODUCT: Sportline Solo 925W Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Plus Pedometer, Strapless, Accelerometer Installed For Pedometry

The reviews on Amazon (all 2 of them) give this pretty little ladies watch 4 and 5 stars respectively. One mentioned the strap was a little snug on her wrist. How big are your wrists? Keep that in mind.

Pedometer For Your 10,000 Step Challenge.

This is the watch you should get for your girlfriend, wife or sister because it is has everything you need in a heart rate monitor and pedometer combo. This pink, strapless heart rate monitor is a nice thing.

Women usually like to go for walks and partake in 10,000 step daily challenges, correct? Sportline obviously had this in mind when they had this watch made with a built in accelerometer for all your pedometer needs.

So let’s get this straight: A pedometer, a strapless heart rate monitor, water resistant, calorie counter, backlight.

I heard pink is the new black, did you? I’m comfortable with my sexuality enough to wear a pink watch. This watch is that good.

Ladies, buy one! Steps, heart rate this thing is a bloody swiss army knife.

Dudes, buy one for you missus! It’s pink and less cliche than pretty much any other gift out there.


The Watch

In the box:

  • Cardboard
  • 1 Pink Sportline 925W Heart Rate Monitor and Pedometer
  • 1 Users manual

Buy this watch from Amazon for $64.99