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PRODUCT: 3-in-1 Wrist Watch, Calorie Counter and Pulse Monitor, Nothing More, Nothing Less

Overall 2.5 stars off 3 reviews on amazon. To be honest, I think that is impressive for a watch at $9.84.

Perfect For A Young Boy’s First Watch

My son would love one, Cheers!

Keywords from Amazon Reviews:


  • “[…] GREAT watch for under ten dollars […] pulse monitor is [not] *entirely* accurate […] just kind of a fun feature […] recommend to anyone on a tight budget […] definitely worth the money.” From Nikki Minage.
  • “Cheap, water resistant, backlight, good timer function, comfortable.” From Raedene.
  • “Seller provided full refund.” From Chuck.

Really, A FULL REFUND, yes please.


  • “The watch does not ship with a users manual […the] pulse reader […] failed every time with a “retry” error […].” From Chuck.
  • “Pulse monitor does NOT work. Only gives “retry” message, resets date and time every few days […] manual, in a broken English poorly translated from Chinese.” From Raedene.
  • “Twice now it’s beeped out of nowhere and gone back to January 1st, 2006.” From Nikki Minage.

Discussion (Warning I Get Into Talkin’ Manufacturing):

Here we are again with a controversial top 6 pick and you’re probably wondering why the heck is guy even reviewing heart rate monitors – he obviously has no idea what is up. Let me explain: I put this in my top 6 favs because I had to bring it to your attention. It is the 19000th bestselling gadget in electronics on Amazon you would have never seen it had I not unveiled her here.

It seems that 1/3 got the heart rate function to work (albeit not entirely accurate). For $9.84 this watch is nothing to shake a stick at. I would pay $9.84 for a stopwatch and for the off chance it has pulse – bonus!

I’ve looked into importing my own brand of heart rate monitors direct from manufacturers in China (links to the manufacturers page for heart rate monitor). The base cost per monitor is about $4 when you purchase a box of 1000 items ($4000 for 1000 watches). I’m guessing that is what BestDealUSA (links to their Amazon storefront) is doing – and without even branding them – their called 3-in-1 for reals. Judging from their storefront on Amazon they literally just buy gadgetry from some partner manufacturer in China. Probably just the leftovers that have been sitting around for awhile. But then again Polar and other big brands do nearly the same thing. For sure more quality assurance, and they’d get the first batch off the line but still coming from the same (very possible) manufacturer.

Anyways, if you can spare $10 and want a stopwatch with the ability to sense pulse sometimes – have at it.

I don’t sound too enthusiastic about this watch, I know, but the fact remains this is the perfect heart rate monitoring watch for some people.


The Watch

  • 3 months warranty!
  • Pulse heart rate monitor
  • Calorie counter
  • Stopwatch

In the box (if it even comes with one):

  • The watch
  • 66% chance of broken english manual as well – :)!

Purchase for $9.84 from Amazon