The Heart Rate Monitor Comparison Playoffs Have Finally Begun!

Heart Rate Monitor ComparisonSo you’re looking for a heart rate monitor to take your fitness training to the next level. But you haven’t quite reached a decision on which one to get because there are so damn many of them – yeah?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just see comparisons of many different HRMs (in one place) to see what advantages and disadvantages each has over the other?

Well me to. So I made this page… I figured if not me – then who? If not now – then when?

Essentially I just got fed-up hunting down features, prices and reviews from the Polar, Garmin, Timex, Suunto, Amazon and many other consumer reviews websites.

So within the battles you will find exactly that: Best features, advantages, disadvantages, prices, a photo and some external reviews incorporated for each monitor that “battles.”

I give you my opinion of the winner, but by no means should my opinion be the deciding factor for you.

The table below (updated weekly) presents one neat and tidy place to find the comparison you’ve been looking for.
As with any sport that has a playoffs there is an eventual winner. With heart rate monitors, however,
there is too wide a price range (salary cap) for every single monitor to compete head-to-head.

Only monitors within each category can square off with each other. This keeps things a little more fair.

Please let me know on Facebook or by email a comparison you are interested in. And I will add it to my list. Cheers!

The Heart Rate Monitor Comparison Playoff Tracker

Battle #Skill LevelHeart Rate Monitor 1   vs.Heart Rate Monitor 2 Check Which Won!
1BantamSigma PC15 vs.Polar FT2Click Here To View Full Battle Play-By-Play
2BantamPolar FT4 vs.Polar FT2Click Here To View Full Battle Play-By-Play
3BantamPolar FT1 vs.Polar FT2Click Here To View Full Battle Play-By-Play