Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Timex Ironman

If I Wear This Watch I’m Fit, Right?


PRODUCT: Timex Ironman Men’s and Women’s Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor, With Chest Strap, With the Word Ironman in the Name!

I like what I see when it comes to the customer reviews for this monitor on Amazon. If you have read some of my other reviews you will know, I like to break it down…

Four stars off 122 customer reviews: 56 five star, 39 four star, 9 three star, 9 two star, 9 one star. That’s very top heavy. And especially good is the even distribution of the non-favorable. 9 for each one, two and three star reviews. When I reviewed the Omron (the most reviewed watch on Amazon) the top end was heavy, but the bottom, namely 1 star was also heavy with 13% of all ratings going to the 1 star. Happens to be about double the amount as for this Timex Ironman. Something weird going on there: I explain what here.

This Is a Pearler! I Asked For This On My Birthday

This watch just feels tough and looks outdoorsy.


Keywords from Amazon Reviews:


  • “Good color, doesn’t show dirt.” From Margaret Burgess.
  • “For those that say the strap is too small […] I’m 6 feet, 245 pounds, my chest is 48 inches and I have to shorten the strap […] so that it fits snug.” From Michael Bernquist
  • “Of all the heart rate monitor I have used in the over 30 yrs this monitor is to date the best.” From Edward Lupo.
  • “Another plus is the dual time zone feature which worked out well on my recent vacation.” From VAO


  • “The calories burned seemed way too high […] it said I burned 680 calories during a 50 minute Jillian video.” From J. Zdelar.
  • “HR strap battery life has not lasted longer than 2 weeks […] Hr readings are all over the place.” From mz09.
  • “[…] when swimming, water formed under the glass and stopped functioning […] watch claims to be water resistant to 100m.” From Tri Girl.
  • “[…] the extended warranty was not available for this particular model.” From Tom.
  • “[…] the watch band broke […] it has been two months, and the plastic band  just ripped off the screw.” From Jenn.

Discus to the sion:

The reason this is the watch I want to be wearing if I crash land over the South Pacific is because it’ll keep me alive. Hear me out…

In a recent study of people who survived for weeks to months after crash landing in the South Pacific the scientists found that 88% had at one point owned a heart rate monitor. Of those 88%, 100% had either bought the Ironman or heard of it. After further study and careful research it was discovered that that was the one thing all the survivors had in common. They were all “Ironman” in a twisted and conjured conclusion to the study. These are some truly remarkable people. The real life Bear Grylls (cause Bear isn’t real). The real life Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks from Cast Away).

In the Journal of South Pacific Survival published by the South Pacific League of Extraordinary Gentlemen the study noted that the Timex Ironman did not have special powers or healing abilities. It’s “helping people stay alive in the South Pacific after crash landing” abilities were due to its name: IRONMAN.

ironman: a strong man of exceptional physical endurance

Hells yeah!

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Timex Ironman LogoThe survivalists ‘fessed up that whenever their thoughts turned to failure/defeat they simply pictured the IRONMAN symbol.

“It gave me motivation to push forward. I felt like a stronger man with IRONMAN on my mind. I didn’t want to let Timex down!”

I couldn’t believe it when I heard it either. It’s one of those things that is so ridiculous it would be hard to make it up. Folks, how ’bout it? Like I said I’m getting one these for my birthday – I hope. I want the power it holds within (for those long, warm, beachfront South Pacific crash land “situations”) and the 50 lap memory with heart rate per each lap.


The Watch

  • Six heart rate target zones
  • Workout review for average and peak heart rates
  • Workout reviews time in zone, recovery heart rate, and calories burned
  • 50 lap memory with heart rate per lap (nice!)
  • 100 hour, 2 mode countdown timer
  • Indiglo night light with night mode feature
  • Owner replaceable battery
  • Water resistant to 100m

The Chest Strap

  • Digital transmission so won’t be tripped by other electrical signals

In the box:

  • 1 Timex Ironman Heart Rate Monitor
  • 1 Digital Transmission Chest Strap
  • More Fitness Prowess

After that ridiculous discus to the sion I would like to check this beast out on Amazon