Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Polar FT7F

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PRODUCT: Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor, With Chest Strap, Tells You If You Are Mainly Fat Burning or Fitness Improving

Overall a respectable 4 star rating off 73 customer reviews on amazon.

Ft7 Is Trained By The Pros To Advise You. To Steer You.

Steer me trusty FT7.

One of the neatest features, I think, of the FT7 is that it can inform you whether you are training for fat burning or training for aerobic fitness. Polar calls it the EnergyPointer. In addition to that neat little feature this top range of the entry level monitors comes kitted out with all the features a beginner wants:

  • average and max heart rate of training
  • heart rate based training zones with alarm
  • calories burned
  • coded chest strap transmission
  • access to the Polar training website
  • backlight
  • user replaceable battery.

The main downside, at least in my opinion, is the lack of timing functionality. This watch does not have a stopwatch. When you click start (for start training) telling the watch to look for heart rate it starts a training timer. But what if you are doing interval training? And need to stop/start the timer frequently. Another downside is the fact that you can’t even view training time and heart rate at the same time. You have to switch screen displays by bringing the watch close to the chest strap. If you want to stick with beginner level watches but need more timing functionality go look at the RS100. It has heaps more timing options.

On Amazon People Are Quite Happy…

Topeka Larry wrote the most helpful critical review on Amazon. He or she likes the watch overall but highlighted one flaw that stood out: The audible alarm (for keeping you in your heart rate zones) is very quiet. Topeka says that the only place one could hear the beep is if they were in a quiet place and listening for it. This is disappointing because hardly ever are you in a quiet place when training. However, it could be just that Topeka is a little hard on the hearing?!

Like I mentioned above, the main downside, is the timing functionality (get RS100 if you want stopwatch and more timing function). The FT7 is designed for helping people get fit and the main perk of the watch is the EnergyPointer telling you fat burning or aerobic training. Alexb gave the FT7 a one star rating for this very reason. She can’t see her training time and heart rate on the same screen instantly.

JR is a women that gave the FT7 five stars in her Amazon review. What I found most relevant in her review was when she said,

I am sure hard core runners want something more that tracks mileage, but I tried a watch like that and found it too cumbersome. Since I am merely using this for fitness, it works perfectly.

I bolded the most important part.

Stop right there Richard! I’ll go take a look for myself at the Amazon page.

The FT7, you must understand, is in the beginner range of monitors offerred by Polar. Albeit, the top of that range. Still the FT7 is most suited to general exercisers interested in tracking heart rate and knowing if they are fat burning or aerobic fitness improving. The main reason you would buy the FT7 is if you go to the gym and want a good watch to track and log your heart rate over time.

Navigate Me O Trusty FT7!

The FT7 is the type of watch that can single handedly motivate you to train. And it has the capability to navigate you to awesome fitness levels. You see that’s the magic of tracking your data – you always want to improve upon it. The EnergyPointer is wicked good at motivating you to stay in the fat burning range, at least if that is your goal. The fact you can see it, right there on the watch face, is priceless.

Unisex O Yeah!

Polar has been kind enough to give us an option of color: orange with grey racing stripe, black with gold racing stripe, black with red racing stripe and black with grey racing stripe. Yippee, I like the black with gold.

Full Features Set:

The Watch

  • User replaceable battery
  • EnergyPointer (fat burning or aerobic training)
  • Average and max heart rate of training
  • Heart rate in bpm and % of max
  • Heart rate training zone beeping (telling you to slow or speed up)
  • Calories burned
  • Access to Polarpersonaltrainer.com (Mac or PC)
  • Logging feature set is weekly history and 99 training files
  • Backlight
  • Date and weekday
  • Multiple language display
  • Dual time zone
  • Water resistant to 30m

In the box:

  • 1 Polar FT7 heart rate monitor
  • 1 Chest strap
  • 1 Getting started guide

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