Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Fingertip Pulse and Oximeter

Find Out Blood Oxygen Without Giving Any Blood!


PRODUCT: Fingertip Finger Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor, No Chest Strap, No Blood Required, Uses Light Pulsing Technology To Get Blood Oxygen Saturation.

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Just so you know: Normal blood oxygen saturation is 97% for someone at rest. 90% – 100% blood oxygen saturation is considered a “normal” range. Below 90% and you probably have some sort of pulmonary condition. 100% is reached with oxygen supplementation.

How Does This Work Anyways?

The Fingertip pulse oximeter is non invasive. It does not need to extract blood from your finger. It works by sending two different wavelengths of light through a translucent part of your body namely your fingernail (avoid black nail polish when using) and performs a calculation based on the absorption of each one of the wavelengths. Each wavelength is absorbed differently by oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood.

The oximeter needs to pulse the wavelengths in time with heart beat because it uses the tiny expansion in your vessels (that happens during heart beat) to discern between light being absorbed by your blood hemoglobin and light absorbed by your skin tissue, fingernail etc. If it were to pulse the light without any knowledge of heart beat there would be no way for it to discern between light absorbed from skin tissue, nail polish etc. and from oxygenated blood.

Why Would I Want The Oximeter Heart Rate Monitor Combo?

You’re probably thinking to yourself “How on earth is this useful for me, I’m no doctor?”

Knowing the saturation of oxygen in blood is helpful for pilots, mountain climbers, athletes and high altitude sport enthusiasts. Are you one of them? Me neither. Still it’d just be cool to have the extra bit of personal informatics. I have a glucose monitor for the same reason – it’s affordable and fun to see the data.

So say you want to be a pilot, mountain climber, athlete or high altitude sport enthusiast here is what you might use the oximeter for:


Stay fully functioning above 8000 feet. Know exactly when you are becoming impaired due to low oxygen levels. Any one that has experienced impairment due to lack of oxygen know that you don’t feel impaired. The oximeter is essential for pilots flying above 8000 feet so that they don’t fall victim to their false sense of impairment.

Mountain Climber

Closely monitor your oxygen levels while summiting Everest and avoid hypoxia by knowing exactly when you need to supplement with oxygen.


Although there is much speculation as to the actual benefit it has been shown that oxygen supplementation in “burst” athletes like those doing 400m running, 200m swimming and or weightlifting improve times to complete their race or lift. The athlete can use the oximeter to monitor their supplementation.

High Altitude Sport Enthusiast

I suppose the reason high altitude sport enthusiasts would want to monitor their blood oxygen saturation is for the same reasons as above: avoid unknown impairment from lack of oxygen, know when you need to supplement with oxygen and monitor your supplementation dose by seeing your blood oxygen saturation levels in real time.

Keywords from Amazon Reviews:


  • “[…] works great for the price […] used other machines that cost twice as much and weren’t as easy to use or as comfortable.” From C.Simms.
  • “[…] all of my relatives want one so my Christmas shopping just got easier as well!” From Carrolivol.
  • “It’s my third meter […] neither [of the other two] have the graph scrolling across the bottom […] this one DOES have that neat little graph along the bottom to watch.” From Jack.

No Negatives!


The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor display screen has two options for viewing. One is so that you can read the display when it is on your finger. Press the on/off button and the other views comes up so that a nurse or doctor could read the display (would be upside down to you in this view). So that is pretty thoughtful.

The Heart Rate Monitor

  • Real time heart rate monitor

The Oximeter

  • Real time blood oxygen saturation

In the box:

  • 1 Fingertip finger pulse oximeter and heart rate monitor
  • 1 silicon outer skin (which Jack said was useless and tossed it)

Let’s get monitoring with the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor – oyeah!