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“Which Polar heart rate monitor is right for me?”

A good question my friend! And the answer is… well… it depends how you exercise…

Do you weight lift? Do exercise classes? Maybe enjoy a little bit of everything?

You should focus on the Polar “FT” fitness training series to find the monitor best suited for your needs. Polar has designed these to help you train more efficiently no matter what you’re doing. Jump to the FT category below by clicking:

Do you run like the wind? Enjoy the odd sprint or interval train?

You should focus on the Polar “RS” running sport series because they have stopwatches and timers. Jump to the RS category below by clicking:

Do you do triathlons or multisport endurance training?

Really? Cool! You should focus on the Polar RCX5 and RS800CX. They are the most advanced Polar heart rate monitors. Jump to the RCX category below by clicking:

Do you strictly cycle or mountain bike?

You should focus on the Polar “CS” cycling sport series because they are designed alongside professional cyclists to ensure they improve your cycling fitness. Jump to the CS category below by clicking:


Polar’s Fitness Training “FT” Heart Rate Monitors


Who else wants to start training the smart way, the heart rate way?

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

Even if you are an experienced exerciser there is no point emptying your wallet straight off the bat… You never know, you might not even like heart rate training…

So for the brand spanking new to heart rate training people Polar offers you the FT1. It will definitely get you off to a running start. It will allow you to do everything a beginner heart rate trainer needs to do…

…With 5 manually set (you set them) heart rate zones you will ensure you’re getting the most of your exercise by training in the zone of your goal – fat burning, cardio improving etc. You also get a coded chest strap (no interference from other heart rate monitorers or from radio signals bouncing around), 1 workouts worth of max and average HR data and the watch is water resistant to 30m which essentially means bathing and surface swimming.


Get FT2 and save setup time with automatic age-based heart rate zones

Polar FT2 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT2 Heart Rate Monitor

So you’re new to heart rate training and want an affordable starter watch… But… you hate dealing with new technology (to start) and want an easier way to setup your heart rate zones (compared to the FT1)…

…The Polar FT2 is your best bet because it has automatic age-based heart rate zones. Instead of you having to manually calculate and input each zone you can just plug in your age and voila! Done!


Get FT4 and get calories burned, user replaceable battery and 9 extra workouts data memory

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT4 Watch

Polar’s most popular heart rate monitor! So you’re either new to heart rate training or like to keep your HR training tool simple. Either or, the FT4 is a lovely little heart rate monitor that gives you just a little more oooommfff than the previous 2.

With the FT4 you get to see how many calories you burned during exercise. Priceless for affective weight management. Do you want to manage your weight? Is that the goal of your fitness training?

In addition, the FT4 gives you the ability to change the battery yourself – very easily (battery lasts 11 months training 1 hour per day 7 days per week). The more entry level Polar’s do not have this and that means you would have to take it to the jeweler or a certified Polar dealer ($$$).

Men! Don’t be alarmed by the pink color of the FT4 shown… Click the link below and see the other color options.


Get FT7 and have the most affordable Polar with data upload to PC or Mac

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT7 Black and Red

Data upload! The FT7 is the most affordable Polar watch with the ability to upload your heart rate data to PC or Mac via the Polar FlowLink device.

Who cares? Well, with data upload you can take advantage of PolarPersonalTrainer.com, which is free. On that website you can track your workouts, log your food and receive personalized exercise programs based on the HR data you upload. Never overtrain or under train again!

The FT7 hits a sweet spot and gives you the best of both worlds (price and functionality). Just released are several new color options for men and women. Click the link below to check ’em out.


Get FT40 and see how fit you are with VO2 max fitness test

Polar FT40 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT40 heart rate monitor

So you are pretty serious about your fitness and want to track your improvements over time. Enter the VO2 max fitness test:

The FT40 boasts the ability to test your bodies ability to transport and use oxygen… Basically this is THE definitive measure of how fit you are! You are supposed to rest a day before testing it and you can test it as often you want to see if you are improving over time.

The FT40 has 50 workouts data storage built in… So you can store many workouts max and average heart rate until you decide to upload it all to PolarPersonalTrainer.com.


Get FT60 and add-on GPS for accurate speed and distance of outdoor movements

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT60 heart rate monitor

Fire your Personal Trainer because the FT60 has a personal Coach that can instruct you how long, when and how hard (based on heart rate) to exercise. No Personal Trainer in the world can see your heart rate and thus no PT in the world can train you as efficiently and effectively as the FT60.

You can also add-on GPS. Which is good for you if you like training outdoors and want to track your speed, distance, pace and routes travelled. The FT60 is the most affordable “FT” Polar heart rate monitor with this GPS add-on ability. Do you like the sounds of tracking your running or cycling or hiking or walking routes for speed, distance, pace and location?

The FT60 offers a few color and size options to ensure all men and women are catered for.


Get FT80 the most powerful Polar general fitness monitor with stopwatch, 50m water resistance and everything all the above has

Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT80 heart rate monitor

So you’re looking at the most advanced general fitness heart rate monitor offered by Polar. It has everything you could possible need including everything all the other FT monitors have and also a stopwatch and 50m water resistance.

So if you can afford it – it’s the best!


Polar’s Running “RS” Heart Rate Monitors


At last! An entry level heart rate monitor with a kick-ass stopwatch

Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar RS100 heart rate monitor

So you’re a runner, sprinter or just someone who needs a stopwatch while you exercise… The Polar RS100 is your best option. It is Polar’s entry level running specific heart rate monitor and includes a kick-ass stopwatch timer…It also has heaps more:

It has auto age-based heart rate zones, a personal heart rate zone coach telling you your daily limits (to ensure your training has the effect you want – fat burning or cardio improving etc), a coded chest strap transmission (to prevent interference from other heart rate monitorers and radio signals), a calorie expenditure counter, and 1 workout worth of heart rate data storage (to get you into the habit of analysing your average and max heart rate of training).


Get RS300X out-of-the-box with either foot pod or GPS for accurate speed and distance. See how fit you are with Polar VO2 max fitness test

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor

Polar RS300X heart rate monitor

So you’re an experienced runner and heart rate trainer and want to watch each of your training sessions like a hawk. The RS300X is, in fact, a multisport heart rate monitor (as indicated by “X” in the name) that gives you the options to add on GPS and/or the Polar S1 foot pod. Why add these on?

The foot pod gives you insight into your speed, distance and pace… Perfect and necessary for tracking improvements… And the GPS does the same via GPS instead of measuring each of your strides. Sound like something you want? Let me tell you more about the RS300X:

You get the VO2 max fitness test to track your fitness improvements over time. Lance Armstrong has a VO2 max of 85 ml/kg/min <— just means his body can use lots and lots of oxygen during exercise. Mine is about 56. Average adult fit male is 45. The point is that you can see what yours is and keep testing it (as often you want) to see if you are getting more fit. Cool hey?


Get RS400 for the Polar training program to optimize your workout duration, workout frequency and workout intensity

Polar RS400 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar RS400 Running heart rate monitor

So you’re a serious runner, the analytical type, enjoy data and enjoy turning your running training into a numbers game (hey, numbers don’t lie). Well, the RS400 is your best option. It gives a “FULL HD” view of your training effect with a multitude of different nifty Polar coaching programs…

…These coaching programs TRAIN YOU more efficiently (based on heart rate) and ensure you never overtrain. The watch offers so much more so check out the more info link below to fully grasp everything you get with the RS400.


Polar’s Multisport Endurance Heart Rate Monitors


Announcing! The swimming Polar heart rate monitor!

Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar RCX5 heart rate monitor

So you’re a serious triathlete (or just have bags of money) and want a heart rate monitor that can keep up with you while you swim, run and cycle your way to the finish line. No more do you have to guess at the particulars the RCX5 watches and records everything you do while training.

The sport profiles give you touch of the button switching (letting the watch know) between cycling, running and swimming.

The multitude of other “coaches” are to ensure you train at the right heart rate, for the right amount of time, to ensure your training always improves your fitness. And thus, ensures you finish the race first!

The Polar RCX5 gives you heart rate while swimming via a hybrid chest strap (talks with watch via 2 different frequencies – one for air and one for water).


Get RS800CX for the altimeter, barometer and thermometer to give you elevation and incline/decline of your runs or bikes

Polar RS800CX Heart Rate Monitor

Polar RS800CX heart rate monitor

– One of the most versatile and complete heart rate monitors on the market today that will handle just about anything you can ask it to do.

– This heart rate monitor can efficiently train you whether you enjoy running, cycling, hiking, weightlifting, sprinting or any combo of those sports.

– You can get this watch ‘out of the box’ tailored to your specific sport needs whether you want GPS, cycling speed and cadence or running pace and distance – the RS800CX has you covered.

– A state of the art altimeter, barometer and thermometer can tell you your elevation traversed and as such tell you the incline and decline of the roads you ran or rode.

– Built with a memory large enough to store 99 of your workouts with the data recorded at whatever intervals you want: 1s, 5s, 15s or 60s. And USB upload to PC for data analysis with PolarPersonalTrainer.com.

– This watch acts as your personal trainer. The groundbreaking Polar options like the VO2max fitness test, daily personal heart rate zone limits and a training program that helps you optimise each and every training session for intensity and duration will help you reach your goals fast!

– The high price of this heart rate monitor can put some people off, but you are buying a lot more than just a heart rate monitor because you are literally purchasing a personal trainer on your wrist. Forget about over and under training again because this watch sets you up for success with ease.

-You can bet that this watch will be with you for many years to come with supreme Polar quality and warranty!


Polar’s Cycling “CS” Heart Rate Monitors


Even Lance Armstrong started out on training wheels!

Polar CS100 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar CS100 Cycling heart rate monitor

So you enjoy doing all your exercise on a bike and want to start tracking your heart rate with an entry level cycling heart rate monitor. The Polar CS100 offers you that and quite a bit more to get you started training the heart rate way…

…With a calorie counter, coded chest strap, a lap recording stopwatch, user replaceable battery and all the necessary heart rate training functions you can improve your cycling with real data.

The CS100 is compatible with the cadence sensor that Polar offers. The cadence sensor is used to record your pedaling rate (rpm) and is essential if you are seriously looking to improve your cycling efficiency.


Get CS200cad for data upload to PC or Mac and cadence sensor out of box for monitoring your pedaling rate

Polar CS200cad Heart Rate Monitor

Polar CS200cad Cycling heart rate monitor

So you want a little more oommfff than the CS100 offers in a first cycling heart rate monitor… Good choice! The CS200cad offers you more room to grow with its data upload ability and cadence sensor out of the box (hence the “cad” in its name)…

…The free online website PolarPersonalTrainer.com is where your cycling HR data will end up… And there you have a free food diary, training log and ability to download tailored training programs based on your past heart rate data. Never overtrain again!


Get CS300 for a “wrist watch” cycling computer with VO2 max fitness test and 50m water resistance

Polar CS300 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar CS300 cycling wrist watch heart rate monitor

So you’re into cycling but don’t want to be constrained by a heart rate monitor that is good for only cycling… Enter the wrist watch CS300 which is compatible with the Polar cadence sensor. When you bike you can use the Polar universal bike mount and when you do other general fitness you can wear it has a wrist watch.

It has the VO2 max fitness test to track your fitness improvements, has data upload (via SonicLink), and has all the heart rate zones and personal limits for efficient heart rate training while on the bike or in the gym or on the road.


Get CS500 for the altimeter, barometer and thermometer to tell you your cycling road elevations (% incline or decline)

Polar CS500 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar CS500 cycling heart rate monitor

So you’re racing Lance Armstrong next year and need to train more efficiently to stand a chance. The CS500, my friend, is your new best friend. It has the ability to track the incline and decline of the roads you ride (via altimeter). Which is crucial to match up with your heart rate data – because it’s harder going uphills aient it?

You can even set the 99 workout data files that the CS500 has to be recorded at 1s, 5s, 15s, or 60s intervals so if you go on a really really long ride you can stretch out each data point to 60s. Once your return home you can wirelessly upload your data to PolarPersonalTrainer.com with the Polar Datalink.


Get CS600X for the best Polar cycling heart rate monitor with everything the above cycling comps have and even better data upload and ability to add GPS

Polar CS600X Heart Rate Monitor

Polar CS600x Cycling heart rate monitor

Since Lance Armstrong is retired and past his prime you only need the CS500 to train to beat him… Easy as… But if you’re going to race Cadel Evans you’ll need the CS600X to beat him!

The CS600X has VO2 max fitness test and the best possible Polar data upload option. It is Polar’s offerring to professional athletes and is a computer on your bike.

It has everything the other cycling computers have and some more. Check out the rest of the info at the link below.


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