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If you’re looking for the best heart rate monitor for your needs… are baffled by the bazillion different models, styles and features on offer… and need some assistance deciding on the best, you’re in the right place.

If you’ve got a good handle on the style and features you require in a heart rate training tool… and are looking to see if the few you have mind are TOPS, you’re also in the right place…

How To Use This Website

1.) Start with the best heart rate monitors page. It shows the best monitors for categories like high performance, general fitness and value for money.

2.) Most people find what they need on the best hrm page; however, if you want to see a more detailed spiel of the different heart rate monitor styles and what each uniquely offers then check it out.

3.) Then have a look at the heart rate monitor comparison table. It compares the bestselling 37 heart rate monitors for price, look and basic features. It will give you a strong idea which brand and style of HRM to focus on.

4.) Then browse the most popular heart rate monitors. Your fellow HR training peeps have most bought these ones. I guess you need to decide if you want to trust the majority?

5.) For ridiculous detail check out my buyer’s guides for the brands Polar, Garmin, Timex and Suunto. They list out the monitors and tell you what happens if you upgrade or downgrade (money and features lost or gained) for each.

6.) And finally, I have deals. Here: heart rate monitor deals. I receive the newsletters outlining the deals so you don’t have to clog up your inbox.

You Want to Contact Me?

I enjoy hearing your stories and reviews. If you have used an awesome heart rate monitor and would like to submit a story, rating or whatever else related to heart rate monitoring, then please feel free to write me.

Who is Me? 

I am Richy D. Nice to meet you!

Heart Rate Monitor Me

[That is me in the photo sprinting at the beach at Point Samson in North Western Australia. That’s where I worked as a mechanical engineer for 4 years.]

Why Did I Start a Heart Rate Monitors Website?

First off I have to tell you that I am no Lance Armstrong… I do not own a $700 cycling heart rate monitor… and I do not design heart rate monitors for a living (I mechanical engineer stuff)… That said, I doubt you will find someone more gung-ho when it comes to heart health, heart rate training and heart rate monitors. So why start this website? Let me tell you a little story, no big deal:

Although Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Tips.com went live in May 2011, it really started back in 2008 when I was investigating the best heart rate monitor for my lowest resting heart rate competitions 🙂

Resting heart rate competition? Let me explain: a few years back, when I was working as a mechanical engineer in the Pilbara, a fellow engineer challenged me to a competition. It wasn’t a race or an arm wrestle, this was a lowest resting heart rate competition “Who has the lowest resting heart rate?” Winner is most fit!

Haha, I realise you probably think I’m a weirdo at this point, but I couldn’t resist the challenge and my trusty old blood pump ticked away at 69 bpm – his was 54 bpm.

I couldn’t handle being physiologically less fit than him. Because you see, resting heart rate is a good indicator for physical fitness. So I bought the strapless ProForm Pro Trainer (wearing it in the photo) and trained the smart way, the heart rate way.

Four weeks passed and we tested again – this time I won!

Ever since then I have become known (in my group of friends) as “THE heart rate monitor man”. I am almost always wearing a heart rate monitor – no matter where I go (yes, I know that’s weird) but I love it… and I decided to make this website to document my research of the best heart rate monitors and the best heart rate training secrets. I figured everyone should be able to benefit from my weird obsession with heart rate monitoring.

If you want to hear more then please come and have a chat with me on Facebook.

Do these 7 Steps And You Will Find The Best Heart Rate Monitor For Your Needs – Easy

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  2. Heart Rate Monitor Comparison
  3. Popular Heart Rate Monitors
  4. Weekly Deals
  5. Polar Heart Rate Monitors
  6. Garmin Brand In-depth Buying Guide
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