How to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Lower Blood Pressure Fast

So your Doc recently told you you have high blood pressure.

Or maybe you have a friend or family member with high BP and you are trying to help – good on you!

Either way: You have found an exceptional resource in this Ultimate How To Guide.

What Will Untreated High BP Do To You?

If you leave high blood pressure untreated it will kill you. Your arteries will harden, your heart will tire, and you will die prematurely.

High BP is anything above 140/90 – the red in the chart below. The top number is called the systolic pressure. It is representative of the arterial wall pressure when your heart pushes blood to your body (contraction). The below number is called diastolic and is that same pressure but when your heart is relaxed.

An analogy:

If your heart is to your body what the fuel pump is to your car then high BP is the equivalent of excess friction in your car’s network of pipes.

If the car filter, for instance, is not properly filtering impurities – build up occurs.

The fuel pump has to work harder now to push the fuel along that pipework to get it where it needs to go (vital organs).

A person with high BP has a heart that must work harder and push with more force to get blood to vital organs.

Over time…well let’s just say you die prematurely.

Blood Pressure Chart

Do you already know your BP value?

Have a look at the chart below and find your classification.

I now average 110/60, which is rated as excellent/athlete. I have written a sentence on the chart to represent my line.

Don’t worry if you do not know your blood pressure, you will still benefit from learning how I gained total control over my vital signs.

[This is the first chart that shows up in google when you search Blood Pressure Chart. I looked at all the charts in the top 10, but this one is the most informative and useful. The left and right side correspond to your systolic and diastolic BP readings. Find where you average by taking your BP a few times throughout the day. Draw a line between the numbers to see where the mid lies…Normal, hypertension, athlete? My line, as indicated with the sentence I inserted goes from 110 to 60, which is ideal for my age and fitness level (chart found here)]

My Blood Pressure Readings Were Super High and I Needed To Lower Them Fast

About 2 years ago I had my eyes lasered. I used to wear contacts, but with a bit of money saved up, I decided to invest in Lasik eye surgery. During the pre-op exams the nurse investigated my eyes like they were a threat to world peace. They also took my blood pressure…Before that I had no knowledge of my blood pressure.

The doc had taken it, but had never revealed those “top secret” numbers to me.

Looking back, I am hoping it was because they were normal.

Regardless, on this day the nurse told me I had a super high blood pressure for my age: 147/78.

Being a sufferring hypochondriac I took it personal and started my own BP investigation.

A Single Blood Pressure Reading Is Meaningless!

If there is one thing you take away from this guide it should be to know that a single BP reading is meaningless.

Over the last 18 months I have taken my BP over 400 times. Three times a day, once a week, the point is I have the data. The one thing I know for sure is a single BP reading is meaningless.

Science proves this. Just look at the Wikipedia page for Blood Pressure: BP varies with mood, time of day, food intake, stress, sleep patterns and even weather and altitude. It would be a full time job to track these variables along with BP for a long enough sample period.

I bought my first BP monitor (Omron Blood Pressure Monitor) about 1 week after I was told I had high blood pressure.

That was 18 months ago.

My BP is now down to a steady daily average of 110/60 (pretty optimal) given I stay exceptionally fit these days.

How I Learned To Play With My Blood Pressure Like Play-Doh

I needed to develop a test method.

So for six months I decided to measure my BP on three days per week, twice per day:


  • Monday. Morning (after a shower) and mid afternoon (4-5 pm)
  • Thursday. Morning (after a shower) and mid afternoon (4-5 pm)
  • Saturday. Morning (after a shower) and mid afternoon (4-5 pm).


  • 1 BP value for each test day representing the average of morning and afternoon systolic and diastolic
  • 3 BP values per week, representing the average of 6 separate readings
  • 12 BP values per month, representing the average of 24 separate readings
  • 63 BP values in the graph below, representing about 5 months of testing

The Test Variables

I played with (for varying periods of at least 1 week to at most 6 weeks) were:

  1. Alcohol intake (none vs.moderate vs. bingeing).
  2. Water intake (less vs. more).
  3. Different sorts of exercise patterns (weightlifting vs. long and slow walking and biking vs. sprinting and high intensity interval body weights vs. all of the above in a week and each separately).
  4. Eating dark chocolate vs. not eating it.
  5. Eating garlic and onion (combo) vs. abstaining from both.
  6. Getting 5 hours sleep vs. getting 8 or more hours sleep.

My Advice To Lower Your Blood Pressure Fast

[Have a look at the chart above. It lists “no” foods and “yes” foods. These are good to use as general reference but I want to share my experience. I want to make it more concrete like: I ate 4 gloves of garlic a day for 3 weeks to drop BP from x to y]

Some of the variables above did not seem to effect my average BP over time.

Surprisingly my sleep pattern had no effect. This is contrary to science, which clearly stresses “enough” sleep to control BP. I went 1 week averaging 4-5 hours sleep each night. My BP stayed as steady as a dead man’s pulse.

It really shows that you need to take your own blood pressure by the reigns, kick her in the guts and move rapidly towards 115/75 town (on your own terms). It is a beautiful place where YOU are the boss, YOU have total control.

My trip to 115/75 town required a few things, they were (in no particular order):

Controlling The Top Number – Systolic

A Certain Level of Fitness/Exercise:

I found that weightlifting affected systolic more than other forms of exercise.

Research revealed that when you lift weights your heart has to pump harder to maintain pressure in your joints and stabilise the muscles (makes sense).

Quickly your heart adapts and the left ventricle muscle in your heart thickens to shoot high doses of blood fast.

Long and slow cardio does something different. It increases the inner volume of the left ventricle to maintain higher blood flow for longer periods of time.

Short, fast body weights and sprinting routines have a similar effect as long and slow. Coincidently, I found long and slow exercise as well as short and fast exercise stabilised the diastolic (lower value) BP number (more readily than weightlifting). But again this is just my observations.

No Stress:

Animals like lions and tigers can sense panic.

Their instincts trigger attack.

The same thing is true for your heart and surrounding arteries.

The more stressed you are because of work, spouse, personal issues, public speaking engagements etc. the less flexible your arteries will be (they tense up – bad news).

Just picture yourself about to make a speech to 50 people.

In primal times 50 people looking at you was a risk.

They could attack if your speech sucked. By instinct you get tense and stressed. Your BP shoots up and over time this is damaging.

Dark Chocolate:

Is choc full of the vital antioxidants necessary to combat oxidative stress.

I had amazing results lowering my high blood pressure fast with dark chocolate in moderation.

On several occasions my BP dropped within minutes and for hours after eating one serving (~50g). It relaxed my arteries by triggering soothing mind altering hormone secretion.

Copious RAW Garlic and Onion (cut dairy and grains if you want):

I did not test food in extremes because I eat healthy already and did not think I needed to change my diet drastically to lower BP.

Although I did test eating only fruit for 2 days (not worthwhile).

Of the adjustments I made to diet cutting dairy and cutting grains had a gradual lowering BP effect. I cut dairy and grains at the start of my experiment and as you see BP has steadily gone down to optimal.

But the most drastic beneficial diet change is if you can stomach it eat RAW red onion and garlic by the dozen (and I mean half a tennis ball sized red onion and 3 gloves of garlic per day).

Look on my data chart above for domain  26 -> 31. About midway through you will see a profound dip in the red line (that is when I introduced RAW red onion and garlic).

There is something to be said for RAW. At the point when the red line starts to rise again at around domain 32 (after 2 weeks with RAW garlic and onion) I started to eat COOKED onion and garlic. The data doesn’t lie. RAW wins out for blood pressure control.

No Alcohol  Worked Best For Me.

Without a doubt cutting excess alcohol consumption lowers blood pressure.

But there is something to be said for moderation.

I went from bingeing on the weekends to nothing for 6 weeks. I noticed a difference in BP as is indicated on the chart from domain 41 onwards. At the present I rarely have more than 1 beer or 1 whiskey or 1 glass of wine.

I find that moderate drinking does nothing to average BP over time. Bingeing spikes BP. Abstaining lowers BP, but only gradually and only over time.

Cayenne Pepper/Chillies.

When you eat chillies you burn. You feel like your mouth is on fire. So it is kind of counter-intuitive to think they drastically relax your blood vessels – lowering blood pressure.


I urge you to use either cayenne pepper or real cut up chillies IN EVERYTHING.

I put the pepper on everything and have chillies with lots of meals. The reason for the profound effect on blood pressure is their chemical makeup. When you eat chillies (akin to dark chocolate) hormones are released (chemicals in chillies trigger their release) soothing your body and mind.

Controlling The Bottom Number – Diastolic

I have pretty low diastolic blood pressure. This is good as long as symptoms of it are not present (dizziness when standing up from horizontal). Two “stressors” I have found to normalise my diastolic are:

Drink Enough Water:

Hydration is the key to diastolic.

Adequate blood volume normalises it.

Think about it: when you are lying down your heart does not have to work against gravity to push blood into your brain (20% of all blood flow in your body goes to the brain). When you suddenly jump up your heart has to adjusts its thrust to push blood against gravity to your brain. If you do not have adequate blood volume you will pass out. If your diastolic is too low (mine would be classified as low) blood doesn’t return to the heart fast enough and the next stroke doesn’t output enough blood (you pass out again).

Drinking enough water ensures adequate blood volume for your body. Even in times of change (like quickly standing up from sitting) you want your brain and toes to get enough blood, don’t you?

Long and Slow Exercise:

As I stated above, I think weightlifting improves systolic (top number) more than long and slow cardio type activity.

But saying that, I think the long and slow does wonders for diastolic – improving it to athlete levels.

I THINK it is because of improvements to the volume of the left ventricle chamber of your heart. When you exercise long and slow the volume increases to adapt to prolonged periods of increased blood flow. In others words your heart gets better at pumping more blood so that your muscles can work longer and harder. When you stop working your diastolic blood pressure (and systolic) normalise. GOOD WIN!

I am no doctor. So you have to take what I suggest with a grain of salt. What worked for me may not work for you. BUT IT MIGHT. Maybe in a few weeks time you will be able to trial some of my advice and come back to let me know. Please do, I encourage you to feedback results.

The Skinny On Lowering High Blood Pressure Fast

Dear Fine Sir or Madame,

Re: Lowering High Blood Pressure

I can appreciate your need for both simple action and immediate results. The top 5 things YOU need to start doing NOW are:

  1. Eat a small amount (50g or less) of some dark (as in 70% cocoa or more) chocolate every day or two.
  2. Eat at least 1/2 a raw red onion and 3 cloves of raw garlic per day (in salads, on meats, with eggs etc.)
  3. Stop drinking too much booze and coffee. Limit intake to 1 standard drink and no more than 2 coffee serves per day.
  4. Put cayenne pepper (ground up chillies) on everything you eat (and especially on the raw garlic and onion).
  5. Start moving around more for exercise. When you are mile-high do push ups, jumping jacks and walk paces of the airplane aisles. Take the stairs not the elevator. Move more. No excuses.

Your Life Saved,


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I am confident you are now well on your way to perfect blood pressure.

You have the tools and knowledge you need.


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I hope this post helps you achieve perfect blood pressure readings.

Please leave a comment to continue the discussion.

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