How to Make Exercise Habits Stick

People that exercise consistently love every-single-minute of it, right?

Well, no, and here’s the thing:

Some days, some people (myself included) just don’t feel like doing sprints or slow cardio or heavy lifting.

Your ancestor from one hundred thousand years ago died if he didn’t stalk prey, pounce in a furry and then carry the kill back to the tribe. That said, if he is walking around looking for berries and nuts and happens to come across an injured deer he is going to pounce and attack. He is not going to complain about it and say he doesn’t feel like it. He hunted opportunistically and you should train opportunistically.

Here Are Some Tips on How to Train for the Moment:

Have an option A and option B for every day. So you arrive at the beach or park to do sprints but you just don’t feel like it. You had a tough day at work and you are hungry.

  • Do your warm up. My advice would be to start your warm up by running for a few minutes. See how you feel. Sometimes when I’m feeling off, the warm up gets the blood flowing and sometimes I feel well enough for sprints.
  • Easy and hard options. The option A and B method is to assign every day an easy and hard option. If after your warm up you are feeling out of it just go for the easier option. Instead of doing 6 sets of 30 second all out sprints with 90 second rests. Do 4 or 5 sets of 30 second 80% sprints with 120 second rests. The worse you are feeling the easier you make it!

Ride your bike to work on a sunny day. Bicycling is an awesome easy to moderate cardio activity (as long as your not doing all out sprints down the highway…) When you wake up in the morning, look out the window and see if the sun is shinning those sweet D rays. Then chuck your boss a phone call. Tell her you’ll be a little late. Put on your helmet, jump on the bike and pedal to work. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, enjoy the ride, enjoy the sun.And best of all enjoy your exercise in disguise.

Learn how to lift heavy things anywhere. Your own body is probably the most useful piece of gym equipment you will ever need. The trick is knowing what to do, knowing how to set up your body in the correct position.

My Top 10 Favourite Bodyweight Exercises

(shown in you tube videos):

10. V-ups or plank (for your core)

9. Spiderman crawl (shoulders, chest, legs)

8. Chest Dips (chest and triceps)

6. One leg squats or air squats (legs)

5.  Handstand pushups with feet against a wall or on a desk (other pushup variations) (shoulders, chest)

4. Pushups or clap pushups (chest, shoulders, triceps)

3. Jump squat (legs and cardio)

2. Pull up (back, biceps)

1. Bur-pees (everything)

How to Set Yourself Up for Success

This one is the simplest and easiest to implement. All it is is taking part in events or situations that will force you to train (alike to a caveman coming upon an injured deer, he is forced to attack).

  • Join a sports team it can be fun and good exercise.
  • Park your car at the far side of the car park – better yet ditch your car.
  • Take the stairs not the elevator. The small stuff does add up.

We have set ourselves up for degenerative diseases like heart disease. We have cars to carry us everywhere, so we aren’t forced to walk much. We have TVs to keep us entertained, so we don’t play much (wrestling and running around).

Try training opportunistically, it will be fun, easy and rewarding.

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