Heart Rate Monitor Reviews 2012 Will Be Better Than Ever…

New and improved heart rate monitor reviews for heart rate monitors like the new Polar RCX3, the Garmin Forerunner 910XT and the Timex Ironman Global Trainer will be coming soon to this website.

The heart rate monitor industry is moving fast. Keeping up to speed with recent developments and innovations is exciting for me, and you will be able to learn why the above mentioned heart rate monitors are going to be the baseline for HRMs moving forward.

Check back soon for updates.

How To Articles Coming Soon

In addition to heaps of new heart rate monitor reviews I am going to start-up a series of How-To articles that detail specific ways to use common HRM features. For example–how to use a heart rate monitor that can give you a heart rate versus time graph to prioritize your work out style (running fast or slow and for how long). This will help you get fitter faster by seeing where you are most unfit and focusing on upping your game in that style… This will ensure you get the most out of your HRM.

More YouTube Videos Looking In-Detail At Heart Rate Monitor Technology

I want to show you how heart rate monitors work. Many of you may not care about this. But some of you surely do. Me, being an engineer, I feel the need to know exactly how a chest strap around my chest can output my heart rate to a watch. Maybe you’re the same?

Regardless, I’m going to do some youtube videos (similiar to my strapless HRM video) that explain the ins-and-outs of current heart rate monitor technology. I don’t see these videos anywhere–so figure I’ll make them myself.

Real-Life Case Studies

I would love to hear your experiences using your heart rate monitor. Anything at all will be useful. For example, have you become more fit after using a heart rate monitor to “watch” your exertion level? Really, I would just love to hear from some other heart rate monitor enthusiasts…

Leave a comment below so I can get in touch.

Current Deals for Heart Rate Monitors Mentioned

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