Brief Overview of Garmin Heart Rate Monitors

Garmin Heart Rate Monitors – An Introduction

Are you looking for a top performing heart rate monitor? Garmin may be worth taking a look at. They are much better than Polar and Timex and Suuto at combining GPS into their heart rate monitor watches. The reason is because they are a GPS company before they were a heart rate monitor company. As such, they are, and in all likelihood will be for awhile, leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Here I just want to provide you with a quick guide for choosing the correct Garmin hrm for your needs. And then after this article I would like to guide you on to my heart rate monitor reviews so that you can accurately pick your tool – whichever floats your boat.

Garmin FR60 – Most Affordable For Runners

All of the runners in the house! Let’s take a look at the very best Garmin’s for you. And I should say that, actually, all their watches are quite tailored to running because GPS is ideal to trace your running speed and distance and as such – pace. I’d say if you’re quite a new comer to running or are not looking to spend an arm and a leg then check out the Fr60 bundled with the foot pod. This watch doesn’t have GPS, however it can still provide you with pace through the foot pod. For about $110 it is extremely affordable and a good starting point for you personally if you’re a new comer to the heart rate training game.

Garmin Forerunner 305 – Best Value For Runners

If you’re looking for a more complex Garmin, although not seeking to put another mortgage on your house, you should be looking at what I call the sweet spot watches. I’m referring to the Forerunner 305, in particular. This is their best selling monitor and for good reason. The 305 provides you with in-built GPS and is an ideal companion for a runner or serious triathlete. The watch can do everything you would expect a hrm to complete. And lots of things you didn’t know one could do. The main upside to the 305 is its affordability. It is within the $120 to $170.

Garmin Forerunner 310XT and 910XT – Max Performance For Triathletes

Moving on to the hyper-advanced Garmin watches… These ones have high price tags and provide extreme features and tracking software. Garmin’s Forerunner 310XT and 910XT offer swimmers a chance to accurately acquire some HR data while swimming. These watches have been in the $350 and up category. So that they are not for everybody. However, if you do choose to invest that much money in your heart rate training tool then the 310XT and 910XT will keep you at the peak for several years to come.

Garmin are the GPS specialists – no doubt at all. So, if you want to track your outdoor exercise routines you’ll have to have one of the heart monitor watches. They offer ones in most categories so you will certainly be able to find the one to your requirements.

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