Timex Ironman Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Deal

Have you heard the news… Exercising with a heart rate monitor effectively unlocks health and fitness benefits that you otherwise would never realize.  You see, a heart rate monitor provides a window to your training intensity – without one you are guessing at how good your exercise was. The problem with guessing is the high probably of over and under-training, which both negatively impact your fitness.

And what is the bloody point of exercising if you’re not improving health and fitness?

With the right heart rate monitor you will be able to record your heart rate during exercise, accurately monitor your training intensity and thus optimize your exercise to most efficiently reach peak fitness.

Which is the best monitor for your needs?

A pretty safe bet is the Timex Ironman Road Trainer.

If the following describes you then I would jump at the Timex Ironman deal of the week:

  1. You want a heart rate monitor that is not a lemon.
  2. You enjoy doing a variety of different activities for exercise: running, walking, lifting weights, tennis…
  3. You like fully equipped sports watches that look like normal watches.
  4. You like getting a good deal.
  5. You wouldn’t mind seeing the calories you burn during exercise.
  6. You are just starting training for a triathlon.
  7. You need the ability to setup specific heart rate zones so that you know (via audible alarm) when you are going too hard or too slow – for your fitness level.

Did you answer yes to most of those?

Then you are probably looking for the Timex Ironman Road Trainer (Amazon listing).

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