Best Fitness Heart Rate Monitor And Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Want More Tailored Heart Rate Monitor Searching?

Would you enjoy searching for a heart rate monitor based on how you will use it?

Or, maybe you simply want to know the best heart rate monitors that do not require a chest strap?

I mean who really cares what brand the bloody thing is – right?

I’m looking out for you. I just created two new pages titled Strapless Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Heart Rate Monitor. Let me tell you a little about each:

The Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Page

Starts off giving you a breakdown of what exactly a strapless monitor is, how it works, who invented them and how they will help you win attention at parties 😉 Then I give you my opinion on the best 6 available. I tried to explain as best I can how you will benefit from each watch. The Bowflex on the list, as an example, can work with and without a chest strap.

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The Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Page

A fitness heart rate monitor is like the cross trainer shoe of the heart rate monitor world – it works for a diverse range of exercise activities. So if you go to bootcamps, walk, sprint, attend exercise classes and even pump it to some workout videos now and again the fitness monitor is best for your needs.

On the page I breakdown the best 6. Polar, Timex and ePulse all make appearances.

Click here now to check out the page

I hope at least one of these pages helps you find the best heart rate monitor for your needs.



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