End Of August Amazing Heart Rate Monitor Deals (50% Off Or More!)

So I don’t think I am really allowed to tell you about more than 5 deals at a time…

But, who doesn’t love to break rules!

Here are the 8 best deals for the time being – end of August 2011. I don’t think they’ll last long so if you see a heart rate monitor deal you like – jump on it by clicking the link!


1) Timex Personal Trainer T5G971 – Price slashed from $70 to $37.19.

2) Timex Ironman Road Trainer – Price cut almost in half from $110 to $63.57.

3) Mio Classic Select Petite Strapless – Price reduced from $70 to $35.95.

4) Bowflex Fit 10S (Blue) Strapless – Price cut from $80 to $47.98.

5) Bowflex Hybrid Plus Deal of the Century! Price decapitated from $130 and now $41.14 (Get there!)

6) Schwinn Elite Combo – Price is down from $89 to $38.54.

7) Sportline Solo 960 (What a Good Training Tool) – Price from $100 and for a limited time $34.99.

8 ) Polar RS200 Running Series – Down from $170 to about $120.

If you don’t feel like jumping on one of these deals – no worries! Stay tuned for next week’s deals.

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