Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Which Is Best: Sigma PC15 or Polar FT2

The Ultimate Showdown Between The Sigma PC15 and The Polar FT2 Heart Rate Monitors.

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Battle Description/Rules

Looking at individual heart rate monitor features 1-by-1 is both time consuming and boring. The following showdown between Sigma PC15 and Polar FT2 aims to solve both these problems by comparing them head-to-head for features, price and reviews from around the web.

You will find advantages and disadvantages for each so that you can easily see what you get and don’t get. In addition, the ‘Tie’ section at the end will tell you what you get with both monitors.

Price is definitely not a determining factor in this showdown. It is merely an advantage or disadvantage.

Brand experience and reputation is definitely something you need to take into account. Polar, for instance, invented the first heart rate monitor. They are the leaders in the industry – no doubt about it!

Too many features can confuse you but not enough and you are left wanting more… A monitor that is perfect for your needs has ONLY the features you need. So please DO NOT buy a monitor simply because it has more features – buy the one that has the features you will use.

Sigma PC15

A chest strap heart rate monitor with bicycle mounting kit, stopwatch and calorie expenditure counter.


  • Is cheaper.
  • Has a stopwatch with 50 lap counter.
  • Comes with a bicycle mounting kit.
  • Tracks calories burned.
  • Has a user replaceable battery.
  • Has a zone indicator to know which heart rate zone you are currently in (Health zone, fitness zone or power zone).
  • Made by ze Germans and option for you to view in 1 of 6 language options.


  • User manual is poor translation from German.
  • Possible interference from high voltage cables or railway lines.
  • Unintuitive menu navigation.
  • Exercise timer only runs while active heart rate is sensed (If signal cuts out – your workout timer becomes useless).

Polar FT2

A coded signal chest strap heart rate monitor designed by Polar for general exercisers.


  • Has chest strap to watch coded transmission to prevent heart rate sensing cutting out.
  • Highly reliable real-time heart rate data because of coded transmission.
  • Is made by Polar the heart rate monitoring specialists.
  • Has button free operation of watch (You simply bring the unit close to the chest strap you are wearing an it automatically toggles to a pre-set screen so that you can see some other training data).


  • More expensive.
  • No stopwatch.
  • No calories burned tracker.
  • Polar dealer must change battery (Not user replaceable).

Equal (Tie):
  • View average and max heart rate of training.
  • Both are only water resistant and should not be used for diving or swimming.
  • Automatic heart rate zones calculation.
  • Both have basic watch features like time of day, date and alarms.


Ultimately, you need to decide which of the above advantages you desire or which of the disadvantages you can not accept.

Looking at the above, however, it is obvious that you are paying for the Polar brand name.

You pay $more for the Polar FT2 and you get the coded chest strap to prevent interference in the heart rate sensing and you get the Polar brand name. Having 5 stars off 3 reviews is good but I would like to see a bigger sample size to really trust it.

You pay $less for the Sigma PC15 and you gain features like stopwatch, calorie counter and user replaceable battery. But you do not get Polar and you do not get the coded transmission between the chest strap and watch unit. Sigma even mentions the possibility of interference between the chest strap and watch unit in their user manual.

If you are dead-set on a Sigma Click Here to be taken to the Sigma heart rate monitors that come with a coded chest strap and heart rate monitor to protect against interference (The Link again).

So who wins? In my opinion, when you buy a heart rate monitor the number 1 most crucial feature is reliable heart rate monitoring/sensing. As such, the coded transmission to prevent interference that the Polar FT2 boasts is what gives it a win in my books… Even without the stopwatch, calorie counter and user replaceable battery.

Sigma PC15 is an awesome feature packed heart rate monitor – no doubt – but are you willing to buy a heart rate monitor that has high probability (From the reviews I read) of cutting out during exercise?

Up to you!

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