Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Polar CS300 Cycling Watch

Wrist Watch Style Cycling Computer And Heart Rate Monitor.

PRODUCT: Polar CS300 Heart Rate Monitor And Cycling Computer, With Chest Strap, With Polar Bike Speed Sensor, With Polar Fitness Test To Estimate VO2max While Resting, With Polar OwnZone To Automatically Calculate Heart Rate Zones Based On Your Current Physiological State (Stress, Last Workout Recovery etc.)

3.5 stars off 23 customer reviews on Amazon.

For Those That Want A Bike Computer And A Fitness Heart Rate Monitor For Running, Walking, Sprinting and Weights Training All-In-One.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to cycling or heart rate training in general because the Polar CS300 has you covered. It has all the best cycling computer features like wireless speed, distance and heart rate. And it is a watch – not just a bike handlebar mounting bike computer.

I Want One Now, Richard!

Polar CS300 Features:

Advanced Heart Rate Monitoring:

Polar didn’t cut any corners when it came to heart rate monitoring on this watch. It has heart rate functionality that will baffle you.

It can automatically calculate your proper max heart rate (via the Polar Fitness test), automatically calculate your daily heart rate limits for training, you can set manual target zones, it tells you average and maximum heart rate for each training session and it will speak out to you (with an audible alarm) if your heart rate starts to dip lower or elevate higher than your target.

You Can Bike Mount The Wrist Watch While Riding:

The Polar Universal Bike Mount, which comes stock, allows you to mount the wrist watch onto your bike handlebars during a ride. Or you can just wear it on your wrist – your choice.

Polar Fitness Test:

The fitness test feature is crazy value adding. It gives you your VO2max in 5 minutes while you are at rest. Your VO2max is essentially a measure of your overall fitness. Training to improve VO2max is nearly impossible for you – unless you have a heart rate monitor.

I recently did a lab based VO2max test. The test was uncomfortable (maximal test), time consuming and expensive. A watch, this watch, that can tell my VO2max with such ease is an engineering marvel.

Worth the price tag for this feature alone.

Coded Transmission:

A common problem with chest strap heart rate monitors is the transmission between the heart rate sensing electrode and the watch gets interfered with by radio transmissions in the area.

Polar solved this issue by giving each monitor and chest strap a unique coded transmission. The coded signal keeps other interfering signals at bay.

And don’t worry if your chest strap breaks and you need a new one. You can easily replace it and still have a unique watch-chest strap coded transmission.

Calories Burned:

Knowing your heart rate, age and mass the Polar CS300 can calculate your exact colorie expenditure during exercise.

If you count your calories then now you can know what your burning when you’re feeling the burn.

Wirelessly Know Your Distance: Training, Per Lap and Total:

The watch comes stock with a bike wheel mounted Speed Sensor. The speed sensor uses a magnet that you attach to your wheel spokes to measure your training distance, lap distance and total distance.

The watch can store up to 14 training files so you never have to worry about keeping a handwritten cycling journal.

Wirelessly Know Your Speed: Current, Average and Maximum:

In the same way the speed sensor measures distance it can measure current, average and maximum speeds of a ride.

Upgrade (for $25) to Get Polar Cadence Sensor To Know Your Pedal Rate In Revolutions Per Minute (Crucial For Improving Cycling Performance):

When you’re biking: The higher your cadence the less force you need to exert on the pedals each stroke. To improve your cycling you need to know your cadence each ride so you can set targets and try to beat them. Without the cadence sensor it becomes much harder to actually get concrete performance enhancement.

Looking for something with more features?

One Step Up And You Get The CS400

CS400 additional features?

  1. $60 added to the price tag.
  2. User replaceable battery.
  3. Altimeter, barometer and temperature.
  4. Stopwatch with heart rate per lap up to 99 laps.
  5. Adjustable data logging rates: For every second, every 5s, every 15s and every 60s options.
  6. Polar sport zones to give you 5 heart rate zones to monitor exact intensity of workout.
  7. Compatible with Polar Pro Trainer 5 software, which graphically displays your data and sensor data for every workout stored, gives you the ability to edit the computer settings from the software (from your computer) and stores a diary of your workouts.
  8. Upload data via USB (CS300 is via SonicLink and very unreliable as per customer reviews).
Looking for something a little less pricey?
One Step Down And You Get The CS200cad

What features do you lose by opting for the CS200cad (instead of the CS300)?

  1. The CS200cad is bike handlebar mounted so you lose the ability to do general fitness activities with the same heart rate monitor.
  2. You don’t get the polar fitness test.
  3. You lose 7 data logging files (as in you get 7 instead of 14).
  4. You save about $20 if you get the CS200cad.

What Are People Saying?

The same amount of people (not the same people though) rated this watch 5 stars as rated it 1 and 2 stars combined. Overall, the consensus is 3.5 stars out of 5 off 23 reviews.

People are generally not happy with the data transfer to PC. Polar has made the CS300 a Sonic-link data transfer meaning it uses sound, and your computer speakers to transfer data – weird! If you upgrade to the CS400 you get to upload data via USB which is much more reliable.

The Universal Bike Mount has proved cumbersome for a few people. They reckon it feels cheap.

People were not 100% pleased having to purchase the cadence sensor extra. They wanted it to come stock.

All in all, however, people are pleased.

In the box:

  • Polar CS300 cycling computer
  • Polar WearLink and transmitter (for data transfer to PC)
  • Polar CS speed sensor
  • Polar Universal Bike Mount
  • Users manual

I Want One Now Richard!

*Amazon Prices Vary Over Time. The price listed here may have gone up or down when you read this. Check Amazon page linked to for latest price. Cheers.

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