Buyer’s Guide Support

Would you like to contribute to the Buyer’s Guides FAQs?

Or maybe you have some stellar Polar, Garmin or Timex HRM resource links you would like to share?


Leave your question, comment or resource link below.

I will find the answer, if you had a question, and chuck it in the FAQ for the respective Buyer’s Guide.

If you leave a resource link: I will visit the resource and decide if appropriate to add to the External Links section of the respective Buyer’s Guide.

How To Contribute To The Buyer’s Guides FAQs?

Simple: Leave a public comment below containing your question, comment or resource.

Or, if you want something a little more discrete. Use my Facebook page and message me.

What You Need To Tell Me:

  1. Which Buyer’s Guide you have a question, comment or link for.
  2. The question, comment or link.
That’s all.
P.S. If a comment or question is regarded, by me, as inappropriate or spam it will not be accepted.

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