Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Polar CS200cad Cycling Heart Rate Monitor Computer

The Slightly Upgraded Polar CS100.

PRODUCT: Polar CS200cad Heart Rate Monitor Bike Computer, With Chest Strap, With Polar Cadence Sensor, With Polar Bike Mount, With Polar Speed Sensor, With Heart Rate Information Per Lap And Overall

3.5 stars off 17 customer reviews on Amazon.

Please visit and read my full review of the CS100 here. I am going to tell you here what the CS200cad has the CS100 does not. For a review of all the CS200cad base features please read the CS100 full review.

The CS200cad Functions The CS100 Does Not Have:

  • Comes With A Cadence Sensor (different than speed sensor)
  • 7 Data Logging Files (Instead Of 1)
  • Polarpersonaltraining.com Training Logs And Compatibility.

The CS200cad as stated in bold above has essentially only 2 improvements over the CS100 (given you can buy the cadence sensor):

  1. The weekly data logging history (7 training files whereas the CS100 only has 1)
  2. The compatibility with Polarpersonaltraining.com website to keep a diary of everything online (and other features).

Doing the Comparison Maths

You will have to put both the cadence sensor and speed sensor on your bike forks with both options.

Option A – Approx. $113

You buy the Polar CS100 and CS cadence sensor.

Option B – Approx. $130

You buy the Polar CS200cad.

What do I get for the extra $17 it cost for Option B?

You get a weekly history of your training saved into the CS200cad computer. That means 7 data files  instead of 1.

You get access and upload ability to Polarpersonaltraining.com website. The website has training diary and training load calculators to help you plan your fitness training.

What do you value more?

$17 right now – or – 5 minutes after every single workout to record your most important data in a spreadsheet.

Your decision.

With the CS200cad you can easily sync with the Polar website to upload data effortlessly.

Well, I’ll Go With The Polar CS200cad Then.

I’ll Settle With The Polar CS100 and Cadence Sensor, Thanks.

Amazon Reviews Reviewed

At the moment of writing this review, there are twice as many 4 and 5 star reviews as there are 1 and 2 star reviews. Overall the CS200cad is ranked as 3.5 stars out of 5.

Poor signal between speed sensor and bike computer

Again like the CS100 reviewers, the critical reviewers for this bike computer and heart rate monitor combo have been taken back by the poor signal pick up between the monitor and sensor.

They complain the setup is very fidgety and delicate, which I would agree with. The manual that comes with the CS200cad explains the dimensional constraints you must comply with. The restraints are rigid and hard to stay within without some modification. What this means is you will need to spend some time (couple hours) to get everything setup perfect.

The reviewers also explain that the setup does not suffice for mountain bikers who stick with rough terrain. The handlebar mount included is somewhat flimsy and inexpensive feeling (even though this is a $130 heart rate monitor bike computer). The bike computer can fall out of the mount when undergoing very strong vibration on rough mountain biking terrain.

Battery issues (see this with every monitor I review)

The only critical review I see as much as heart rate monitor signal reliability issues is heart rate monitor battery issues. And to no surprise a few popup in the reviews for the CS200cad.

Whether it be that the battery died prematurely or that the battery can not be user replaced, they always fail to surprise me.

Only the bike computer and chest strap portions of this setup have user replaceable batteries. The battery can not be user replaced in the sensors. If the sensor battery seems to be dead you will need to purchase a new sensor or if applicable send the sensor in to Polar for refurbishment under warranty.

More positive than negative

It’s not all doom and gloom. More people were happy than sad.

The Polar CS200cad was the best bike computer some people had owned. It worked perfectly, was easy to setup and hasn’t had an issue since some people started using it.

Polar CS200cad Features:

  • Full heart rate functionality: avg and max per lap and per workout, heart rate zones with alarms and OwnZone to calculate your zones on the spot
  • Access to and uploads capable to Polarpersonaltraining.com direct from bike computer (and Polar DataLink)
  • Calories burned
  • Records 7 training routines (weekly data)
  • Stopwatch with 50 lap capability
  • User replaceable battery (in bike computer and chest strap)
  • Water resistant

The Cadence Sensor

  • Attaches to bike fork using cable ties and includes a magnet that attaches to wheel spoke
  • Measures current, average and max cadence of your ride
  • Downloads the cadence graph, heart rate graph and speed graph to computer

The Speed Sensor

  • Attaches to bike fork using cable ties and includes a magnet that attaches to wheel spoke
  • Measures real-time speed and distance data

Twist Lock Bike Mount

  • Attaches to bike handlebars using some cable ties and rubber components (bike computer is placed in this mount)

In the box:

  • 1 Polar CS100 cycling heart rate monitor
  • 1 Chest strap
  • 1 Cadence sensor (not a speed sensor)
  • 1 Speed sensor (not a cadence sensor)
  • 1 Twist lock bike mount (mount computer to handlebars)
  • 1 User manual

I Want One!

*Amazon Prices Vary Over Time. The price listed here may have gone up or down when you read this. Check Amazon page linked to for latest price. Cheers.

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