What Is The Best Heart Rate For Weight Loss?

Ultimately, the quickest route to rapid weight loss is to keep your heart rate as high (or as close to max) as you can for as long as can. Simple as that.

It doesn’t matter if you are doing cardio, weights or intervals the harder you work the more energy you need and the more weight you will lose.

But I thought…

Even if you are an absolute newcomer to heart rate based training you have probably heard the traditional breakdown is:

  • 55%-65%(of max heart rate) is the fat burning zone
  • 65%-85%(of max heart rate) is the aerobic improvement training zone
  • 85%-Max (heart rate) is the anaerobic lactate threshold improvement zone (cardiovascular performance).

The Fat Burning Zone Myth

The scientists/engineers that came up with these “zones” were merely designing programs for a treadmill. The zones ARE based on fact but the whole truth is hidden in the wording. It is true that you burn a higher percentage of calories from your fat stores at the lower intensity. But, as should be obvious to us all, you burn more total calories at higher efforts.

Burning more total calories is the goal to weight loss, is it not?

So go hard and lose weight faster than your “cruisy” workout partner.

The Best Heart Rate Training For Weight Loss

In my experience “doing” fitness the best way to lose weight, get fit and get that toned stomach is to drop body fat levels.

What you eat is crucial: stop eating bread, pasta, crackers, rice and essentially all other carb heavy foods. Cutting these foods alone is enough to send your weight loss into hyper speed.

Now start mixing up your fitness with fun and functional moves.

Go walking lots (hours at a time), lift weights once or twice a week, do lots of pull ups, go sprinting once a week and play some damn sports.

And Again

The best heart rate for weight loss is the highest heart rate you can maintain for as long as possible. It just makes sense doesn’t it?

And A Quick Word Of Advice

Do not stay in the “fat burning zone” simply because it says that on the treadmill. Go harder if you can. Keep your heart rate as high as possible as long as possible.

—Make sure you consult your physician before going as hard as you can. I am not a doctor. So please if you are new to fitness training the smart way the heart rate way consult with your doctor to make sure you are fit and ready.

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