Showcasing The Two Heart Rate Monitors I Use Everyday

Heart Rate Monitors I Currently Use Everyday:

I Bought This Timex for My Dad and He Asked Me, Why?

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Timex T5G971

The entry level Timex has been the cornerstone of my heart rate monitoring needs for the last 2 years. Because I trusted it enough, I bought it for my dad. He jogs and does some other fitness, so I figured he would enjoy having it as companion. Boy was I wrong. Some times you just can’t please ’em.  Eventually I WILL get him to enjoy training the heart rate way. Nonetheless this monitor is a gem! I am on my second one (what can I say I beat it up), the watch is extremely durable and responsive despite my experiments.

A chest strap should be worn when using this watch. Because of that, I only use this watch if I am sprinting or biking – when I don’t want to press and hold a button to measure heart rate.

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My Trusty Ol’ Pro Former

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Form

The Pro Form shown here seems to be a rebranded Sportline from years back. If you look close at my resting heart rate photo above you’ll see it is Sportline, but looks like this watch.

I love the watch that looks exactly like the one pictured left! It was my first heart rate monitoring watch. My mate first brought one round and asked me to test my resting heart rate. Ever since then I feel this extremely weird, strange competition amongst everyone to have the lowest resting heart rate. It is a mark of excellent cardiac fitness, you know?

It was my first heart rate monitor and I discovered it at Kmart of all places. I brought this badboy around to family events and parties with mates – they all loved it.

The chest strapless monitor makes it easy to hand off to others or to check your heart rate on the fly. I most use this watch when doing weights or when I just get lazy and don’t feel like wearing a chest strap.

I highly recommend this watch as a starting point for all heart rate training.

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