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PRODUCT: Polar FT4F Womens Heart Rate Monitor Watch, With Chest Strap, With Auto Age Based Target Heart Zones

4.5 stars out of 5 off 89 reviews on amazon. We have some happy people, people!

Calling The Fit Women In The Crowd

Yep, that’s me, one please!

Carrie W. Pretty Much Sums Up All the Amazon Reviews Into One (edited for fluff):

The FT4 […] IS water-resistant […] you probably don’t want to be pressing the buttons on the watch while you’re under water, which may mean you have to stop and dry off if you want to take a break in the middle of your lap swim.

Update: I have now used my FT4 several times to track my lap swimming. It works great! Don’t press the buttons while you’re actually underwater, but I have had no trouble at all with the ‘pause’ or ‘continue’ functions at the end of the lap, even with wet fingers. Oh, and – you don’t have to wet the chest band before you put it on if you’re going to swim in it 😉

[…] you can’t see all your workout stats at once while you work out […] and you can’t see your time while you’re working out (you can once you’re finished and you click STOP to end the workout session…at this point you also get your upper and average heart rates and your time in the zone. You can also hit ‘Pause’ to see your workout time.) Basically, this little gizmo does what it’s designed to do. It does make a unique double-beep when you’re in your heart rate zone, which I find helpful.

[…] FT4 has a user-serviceable battery (some other Polar models don’t, which means you have to pay $$ and ship the device to Polar to change the battery.) […] I use the […] website to track my info and I just copy it straight off the Polar without downloading.

My one complaint is the difference in calorie burn between the FT4, my Garmin Forerunner and my GoWearFit […].

Overall, I’d say this device is well worth the money, especially if you’re just doing casual exercise without the need for a GPS or an all-day calorie tracker. I’ll probably buy another one should the one I bought break or wear out.

Well Mrs or Miss? Polar FT4. I’m Richard and I like what you offer – wanna get to know each other a bit better?

Yes you say. That’s brilliant.

What happens if someone else at the gym has an FT4? Will you pick up their heart rate instead of mine?

No. Polar made sure I have my OwnCode unique to each individual watch shipped.

Can you track my calories – even without wearing the chest strap?

I can track your calories only when the chest strap is fitted to your chest. This is because I use your heart rate to calculate the rate at which you burn calories when exercising. If you are not exercising you still need to be wearing the strap for me to calculate calories burned.

How much do you weigh, haha?

Not that that should matter, 33-grams.

Wow, thats light. I didn’t really care just wanted to catch you off guard.

So what’s your best feature, I mean your the most popular heart rate monitor watch on Amazon (for women)why?

I think it’s because I just hit a sweet spot. I mean I do automatically give you your target heart zones based on your age so that when you’re training I can call out to you (with a beep) if you’re getting out of your training zone. I do do calories.

One of my unique features is that I am thoughtful. I realise that some people may be wearing bulky gloves or not have the ability to touch my buttons while training. So if you bring me (the watch) close to my companion chest belt during training I will show a different set of data. When you get what you need simply return your hand to a comfortable position and I’ll revert back to default data display – no worries, your welcome for that one!

Hmm, yeah and my pretty exterior.

Thanks FT4F, you’re a friendly little watch.

Wow, so that was weird. I just talked to a watch for 2 mins.


The Watch

In the box:

  • 1 Polar FT4 heart rate monitor
  • 1 Chest strap (called a WearLink)
  • 1 Users guide

Buy one from Amazon for $69.99


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