Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Timex T5G941 Heart Rate Monitor

This Timex is a “Made” Monitor By Relation.

PRODUCT: Timex T5G941 Heart Rate Monitor, With Chest Strap, Recalls Average, Peak and Minimum Heart Rates

4 star rating off 201 customer reviews on amazon.

Very affordable. No stopwatch. Small size. Stylish. Tracks heart rate for entire workout.
The 941:

The BIG BRO 971:

I want one!

“Goodfella Timex 941” Model Down From Bestselling Monitor Timex 971

So What Does This Timex’s Older Brother ($5 more expensive) do differently?

First off they are both unisex even though I keep referring to them as boys.

From my research, it seems the only difference is the target heart rate zone and time in zones feature. The 941 (this watch) does not do target heart rate zone prompts (instructing you to go faster or slower based on heart rate).

If you want that feature you will need to fork out another $5 and get the bigger brother 971 model.

What’s With All The Mafia Innuendo?

Who cares, I want this little ripper!

When your older brother (model up – 971) is a bestseller or we’ll say “mafia boss” you are “tops” just by relation.

You see a made man (aka wiseguy, goodfella or mafioso) is an official inductee to the mafia. He can’t be touched without brutal retaliation. 941 is family to the mafia boss 971 and as such he affords the rights of the bestsellers page on Amazon.

Just a little something I learned from The Sopranos – applied to heart rate monitors.

Some Key Phrases From The Amazon:


  • “For the women out there wanting one of these, don’t be afraid that it won’t work well with an exercise bra [it works fine].” From Yvonne Graf “ybo.”
  • “[…] I put the chest band on and immediately started seeing my heart rate on the watch. It seems to be accurate, and the chest band becomes comfortable very quickly.” From A. Absher “P90Xer.”
  • “[…] The information of average heart rate and maximum heart rate during the exercise session is all the average exerciser needs. I have used several more expensive monitors in the past and I prefer this one.” From Scott D. Edwards “Scooter.”


  • “[…][worked fine] for about 2 months […] during some runs when my heart rate is high (above 175) it just quits […] they charge a $7.00 postage and handling fee to return it.” From D. Baker.
  • “[…] no lap function, no memory, no seconds on watch or even on the stop watch over one hour. All data is erased when stop watch/hrm is started. I want my money back.” From Michael Monaghan “foghorn.”
  • “Could not get this one to work. Tried to replace batteries, but it didn’t do anything. I’ll be returning it to amazon, because it seems cheaper than dealing with timex’s warranty.” From Anna.B.

These people are committing cardinal sin attacking a goodfella – haha – would be in the mafia at least.


The Watch

  • Average, peak and minimum heart rate
  • User replaceable battery in chest strap (recommend monitor battery replaced at jeweler or equivalent)
  • Indiglo backlight
  • Auto activity timer
  • Big start button to start logging heart rate and exercise time
  • Water resistant to 30m

In the box:

  • 1 Timex T5G941
  • 1 Chest strap
  • 1 Users manual

I want the Timex 941 for about $35

I want to upgrade and get the bestselling Timex 971 for about $39


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