Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Polar Rs100 Heart Rate Monitor

For Those That Need a Stopwatch and Heart Rate Display In One.


PRODUCT: Polar Rs100 Heart Rate Monitor and Stopwatch, With Chest Strap, With Time in Zone  To Tell You Time You Spent in Heart Rate Training Zone

4 stars out of 5 off 74 customer reviews on amazon.

Probably The Best Value of Any Heart Rate Monitor on the Market!

I want one!

I personally could not properly train without a stopwatch. For me, it is a necessity. That is why I think theRS100 is the best value. It has a big display showing heart rate, training time and lap times (although the lap times font is a little small to see mid sprint!). Although the watch got a 4 star rating off 74 reviews, there was a small minority that had issues.

Runnergirl had to pay an extra $40 for a smaller chest strap. She strongly did not recommend the watch for small women.

Unfazed would have liked a way to toggle the main display (big font area) to show lap/stopwatch times during exercise (or whenever he pleased). With the RS100 you can toggle the top line (small line) to show a few different options but not the big font area! The heart rate is big enough to see on quick glance because it is in big enough font, but the stopwatch lap timing is tiny font. In times of peak exercise, Unfazed reckons, it is impossible to focus on the lap timing font. If you are someone that needs to be able to see lap timing during peak exercise the model up watch RS300X has that option. It’s called DisplayZoom and it allows you to zoom into what you want to for exercise (ie. zoom into lap times instead of total exercise time).

Michael A. Latorre was tricked. He misread the Polar website and thought the RS100 had the ability to data transfer to PC or Mac. In fact it does not. I must say in support of Michael, the Polar website is somewhat ambiguous saying,

Data transfer: Edit wrist unit settings with Polar UpLink Tool and transfer to your Polar product (UpLink)

To the unsuspecting browser this “seems” like they are saying you can upload data to your computer. Or at least it sounds like something along those lines. But in fact all it means is if you download the UpLink Tool Software (the UpLink Tool is just software) you can upload a custom logo to your watch. That is all!

Straight off the Polar Website:

In order to transfer the logo you need to have loudspeakers and a sound card in your computer.

RS100: In Time mode scroll up or down until SETTINGS is displayed.
Place the running computer less than 10 cm/ 4″ from a loudspeaker and do not move it during the data transfer.

Place the running computer less than 10 cm/ 4″ from a loudspeaker and do not move it during the data transfer.Select the logo you wish to transfer to your cycling computer and click ‘Download’. Your running computer automatically starts to upload the information. You will hear a chirping sound while information is transferred.
RS100COM and a line of moving dots are displayed.

Logo transfer is ready when the chirping sound ceases and UpLink done (RS100) is displayed.

Press and hold the stop button to return to Time display.

To activate the new logo, press and hold the Up button in Time mode.

If the data transfer was unsuccessful
– Remember not to wear the transmitter while transferring logos.
– Bring the running computer closer to the loudspeakers.
– Turn the volume level of the loudspeakers up.

Strange option I know!

But hey, I would love to do that sort of thing!

Mostly Positive Reviews

Those were quite literally the only 3 meaningful criticisms I could find for this watch. The vast majority of people who bought this puppy were overwhelmingly happy. Some keywords they say are,

“I don’t run without it.”

“Getting me fitter.”

“Still the BEST!”

Who Should Get This?

How important is the stopwatch to you? If not very then you may want to get the FT7 instead (it even tells you if you are fat burning or aerobic training!).

The RS100 comes with exercise time, so that when you start detecting heart rate the exercise timer starts. All this stopwatch talk might have you worried. But it’s not like you have no idea how long you have been training. It’s just the stopwatch function is nice to keep track of how many intervals you have done during a sprinting session.

Do you sprint? Do you interval train? If you do this watch may be the perfect one for you!

So Whatd’ya Get Packed Into This Watch?

  • Average and max heart rate for each lap
  • Average and max heart rate for workout
  • Heart rate zone training and beep alarm if you exit zone
  • Calories burned
  • Coded chest strap so no interference occurs
  • Heart rate limit alarm (set a peak heart rate for your workout)
  • “Heart Touch” so that you can bring watch close to chest strap and display toggles to another screen of information
  • Stopwatch with 99 lap limit
  • Water resistant to 50m
  • Backlight

In the box:

  • 1 Polar RS100 heart rate monitor
  • 1 Chest strap
  • 1 Getting started manual

I would like to get one for $79.99. Please and thank you!


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