Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Polar FT60 Performance Training Companion

Helps You Get Fit With The Star Training Program!

PRODUCT: Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch, With Chest Strap, With Weekly Training Target, With 2 Year Warranty

Overall Mr. FT60 has a 4.5 star approval rating off 80 reviews.

The Replacement Brother In-Law!

What’s The Goss?

Who cares, I want one now!


  • “[…] user friendly battery change so you can do it yourself.” From Anne.
  • “[…] I was intrigued with the higher end models’ ability to test your resting fitness, plan a workout regime, monitor your progress, record weight loss revise the plan and repeat while recording this all to the web.” From Heavy Amazon User “KD.”
  • “[..] FT60. Lightyears [better than Polar F11] blissful difference.” From P. Broadnax.
  • “Weekly Goals. Depending […] if you want to lose weight, gain fitness, or perhaps exceed in fitness it will tell you to spend more time in certain [heart rate] zones rather than other […] want to lose weight it will tell you to stay in a particular low or med [heart rate zone][…] you are able to change your goal.” From Aulinia.


  • “NO Stopwatch […] [heart rate sensing] does not work well [under water].” From Aulinia.
  • “[…] POLAR should pay more attention to shock resistance.” From Andrei V. Danilov “Andrei.”


Workout with the Polar FT60 so you don’t have to work out with your spandex wearing brother in-law. Yours to?Polar FT60 does everything “Frank” can do but has the added advantage of not being Frank. Win, win.

So Why You Don’t Want To Work Out With Frank

  1. He’s weird and always yelling at you to “push through” and “get serious” even when your not at the gym?!
  2. He always shows up wearing biking shorts and a singlet tank top tucked in?!
  3. He always gets you to spot for him doing way too much weight and you end up getting more a workout than him?!
  4. He can’t tell you your heart rate!
  5. He can’t tell you how hard you’re training or how hard you should be training!

Why You Would Rather Mr. FT60?

  1. FT60 looks cool and so you look cool wearing it!
  2. FT60 creates a training program based on your goals and gives you training targets!
  3. FT60 gives you feedback on the effect of your training!
  4. FT60 has a built in resting fitness test to tell you how fit you are!
  5. FT60 adds value to your training regimen.
  6. FT60 is not Frank your weird spandex wearing brother in-law!


The Watch

  • Automatic age-based target zone – bpm/%
  • Average and max heart rate of training
  • Heart rate based target zones with visual and audible alarm
  • Calories burned
  • Star training program to help you reach training targets
  • Backlight
  • Water resistant to 30m

The Chest Strap

  • Coded transmission so you don’t pick up other people’s heart rates nearby or other electrical transmissions

Web Tracking

  • Polarpersonaltrainer.com access
  • Training diary and programs etc.

In the box:

  • 1 Polar FT60 heart rate monitor and training computer
  • 1 Chest strap with coded transmission WearLink
  • 1 Users manual

I want one for $153.79 from Amazon!


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