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For A Jump Into Improving Your Fitness With Heart Rate Zone Training.

PRODUCT: Polar FT40 Heart Rate Monitor, With Chest Strap, With Polar Fitness Test To Estimate Overall Fitness (VO2max)

4 stars off 20 customer reviews on Amazon.

Training Guidance For People Who Want Something Better (And Less Annoying) Than A Personal Trainer.

How many of you use a personal trainer as a form of motivation? You pay them and because you paid, you are now motivated to fitness train – or so goes the story.

Yes? Well, the Polar FT40 is a more suitable solution to your motivation problems. The FT40 keeps you on track with its:

  • EnergyPointer to tell you in real-time if you are fat burning or doing beneficial cardio. This helps to motivate, especially beginners, because you can see exactly what effect your efforts are having. If you are “fat burning” then you know you need to work at that level the whole workout (and the watch can even beep if you leave your target zone).
  • Fitness Testing is an awesome motivational tool for improvement. If you know your starting VO2max then you will work to improve it over time. People like Lance Armstrong have high VO2max numbers because they train hard and have great fitness. How would you like to try and get a VO2max score higher than Lance Armstrong (good motivation)?
  • Target Zone Indicator Display to give you a visual look at your target heart rate training. I suppose this feature is a benefit for people listening to headphones while training. Instead of hearing target zone beeps you will see them on the watch display.
  • Training Zone Lock allows you to lock in a zone while training or prior to. Once you get going and reach the heart rates of your locked zone you are instructed (by the watch) when you exit that zone again. I think the zone lock is good for high intensity interval weights training and sprinting because it forces you to keep up with your heart rate. If you lock in a high intensity (high heart rate zone) you are motivated to keep it up in that zone. I find that because of the intensity of sprinting and the like having that extra little bit of motivation helps you to push a little bit harder, which is so crucial to VO2max improvement and lactate threshold improvement.

I want the Polar FT40 to help me reach my fitness goals!

What Extras Do I Get By Upgrading To The Polar FT60 For $40 plus?

  1. The FT60 comes with the ability to use Polar G1 GPS or S1 Foot Pod technology to obtain pacing, distance and speed information during your run, ride or hike.
  2. Polar has a feature called OwnZone, which is on the FT60 but not the FT40. It calculates what your heart training zone should be based on your resting vital signs, time of day and perceived stress levels. At first glance it seems like a hard feature set for Polar to nail down. I wouldn’t upgrade to the FT60 for this reason alone.
  3. The Polar Star Training Program is a way to have the watch spit out your weekly training routines based on your fitness goals. So say you want to improve your VO2max, the watch can give you weekly training heart rate zones to help achieve that goal. The watch manually spits out instructions for you to follow including the intensity and duration of each workout.
  4. It’s sort of strange, but the Automatic Age Based Target Zones are not on the FT40. On the FT40 you have to manually input your heart rate training zones including the top and bottom HR for each range. Having this happen automatically based on your age is convenient, but if it’s worth the money I’ll leave up to you.
  5. You have the ability to store up to 50 more workout logs on the FT60.

Amazon Reviewer Chit Chat

70% of all the reviews for the FT40 heart rate monitor are 5 star ratings. There are some happy people and they’re the majority. They loved how the FT40 can tell you total calories burned and the percent from fat – for each workout. They think the FT40 is THE best Polar Heart Rate Monitor for the price. But you probably don’t really care about all that; you would rather know what issues people are having and if those issues are happening to a lot of people (like a pattern).

Battery Issues

The FT40 comes advertised as a heart rate monitor with a user replaceable battery. What that means to me is that when your watch battery dies you buy a new battery and put it into the watch (according to instructions). Well some people had difficulties getting the watch to work again after changing the battery. Some had difficulty because they used the incorrect battery and others wouldn’t work no matter what.

I have seen the battery issue come up with many heart rate monitor brands and price ranges. It seems to be a given to see a few dissatisfied customers based on battery issues alone. I think the answer to the problem to make sure you read all the instructions with regards to your monitor before use


The Watch

  • VO2max estimate
  • EnergyPointer to tell you if you are fat burning or cardio improving
  • Calories burned tracker
  • Average and max heart rates of training (to find out after your workout)
  • Manual set heart rate based target zones with alarms
  • Access to Polarpersonaltrainer.com to upload data via the Polar FlowLink
  • Target zone indicator display on the screen (in case you are listening to headphones and would rather look to see if you are in the zones you want)
  • HeartTouch is when you bring the heart rate watch close to your chest strap the display on the watch changes screens. This is in case your hands are gripping something (or wearing gloves) and it is hard to touch any button.
  • Backlight
  • Time of day and date
  • Water resistant to 30m
  • User replaceable battery.

In the box:

  • 1 Polar FT40 heart rate monitor
  • 1 Chest strap
  • 1 User manual

I want the Polar FT40 to help me reach my fitness goals!

*Amazon Prices Vary Over Time. The price listed here may have gone up or down when you read this. Check Amazon page linked to for latest price. Cheers.

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