Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Oregon Scientific SE138

Weather Stations, The World’s Slimmest Mp3 Player and Now Heart Rate Watches – Is There Anything Oregon Scientific Can’t Do?

PRODUCT: Oregon Scientific SE138 Heart Rate Monitor, Strapless, With Stopwatch, Shock Resistant To 1m, With Calorie Counter

3.5 stars off 8 reviews on Amazon.

Well It Seems They Can’t Break The Mould And Get People To Sway From The Big Three: Polar, Timex and Garmin.  This Watch Is The Top Oregon Scientific Seller At 75th Overall In The Heart Rate Monitor Niche.

Regardless of hearing of Oregon Scientific or not they have impressed quite a few people. I was reading the reviews for the Bowflex heart rate monitor and 2 of the people mentioned the Oregon Scientific brand as being awesome.

I Want One!


Oregon Scientific is a widely successful consumer electronics company. They have pioneered industries with their innovation and foresight. As an example they introduced the first digital, personal air quality monitor. They make award winning home weather stations, waterproof mp3 players, world’s smallest digital cameras, electronic UV monitors, talking BBQ oven thermometers, pedometers and obviously heart rate monitors. Seems like a killer cool gadget company!

Unlike other strapless heart rate monitors the Oregon Scientific closes your bodies electrical loop when you press the metal bits of the watch face with 2 fingers.

I have seen companies implement different strategies to close the loop to sense your heart: MIO requires you hold 2 buttons, Bowflex requires you just touch the screen anywhere, Pro Form makes you hold a big button on the front and Sportline has a button on the side to hold. Touching the metal on the 2 sides of the watch face, to me, seems like a really accurate way to sense heart rate when you get the fingers on there correctly. But it also seems somewhat cumbersome: what if you’re really sweaty and the metal gets wet – interfering with your electrical signal?

It just so happens that Shawn complains of this exact problem on Amazon. He says he bought the watch for his intense cardio sessions and finds that when he sweats a lot the watch won’t work. In fact the watch is water resistant and won’t break while exposed to water. But you are not meant to be touching buttons or operating the device while in or around heavy water. The heart rate function does not work, as is stated in the user manual, when wet. What you have to ask yourself is how much do you sweat? Because Shawn insinuates that he does hardcore cardio and sweats A LOT.

I Don’t Sweat That Much, I Want One!

Shock Resistant

A nifty little feature is the 1m shock resistant capacity of the SE138. As we all know things fall and things get dropped so it is good piece of mind for Oregon Scientific to advertise this feature and thus cover drops under warranty.

Full Feature Set:

The Watch

  • Time clock with alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Heat rate 40bpm – 240bpm
  • Calories burned
  • Water resistant (50m)
  • Shock resistant (1m)
  • Backlight
  • Replaceable battery
  • Strapless

In the box:

  • 1 Oregon Scientific SE138 heart rate monitor watch
  • 1 User manual

I Will Have A Looksy Mr. Delta!

*Amazon Prices Vary Over Time. The price listed here may have gone up or down when you read this. Check Amazon page linked to for latest price. Cheers.

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