Heart Rate Monitor Reviews New Balance N4 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor

New Balance N4 Heart Rate MonitorFrom Arch Support To Heart Rate Zone Support.

PRODUCT: New Balance N4 Heart Rate Monitor, With Cheststrap, With Target Heart Rate Zones, With Water Resistance, With Average and Max Heart Rate Tracker

4 stars off 19 customer reviews on Amazon.

A Female Runner’s Match Made In Heaven!

When I am doing my research for these reviews I like to take a look at how active the brands are in social media. I’m talking Facebook (F) and Twitter (T). The reason for this is because, in my opinion, it shows how much these companies care about their customers. It is kind of a window into their customer service abilities. But more than that it just makes me feel like the brand is making an effort to keep up with the times. At the time of writing this the size of the major heart rate monitor brands communities on F and T are:

New Balance

  • F: 103,000
  • T: 10,000

I’d Like To Join Those 103,000 People By Buying This New Balance Heart Rate Monitor.


  • F: 54,201
  • T: 11,991

Timex Sports

  • F: 31,559
  • T: 568

Polar USA

  • F: 9,968
  • T: 4,298


  • F: 8,031
  • T: 356


  • F: 885
  • T: 616

New Balance has many different accounts on Facebook and Twitter for their various departments and countries of HQ. Many of the companies above bar Polar are into many different fitness product categories making it hard to compare the communities directly. The number of people that wear New Balance shoes dwarfs the number of people that have Polar heart rate monitors, for example.

What’s Happening On The Facebook Pages. Anything Good?

The New Balance page is buzzing with activity. I don’t see any chit chat about heart rate monitors though!

The Garmin page is more of a fan page. It appears that the community runs the updates and a Garmin rep has not been assigned to moderate or contribute.

The Timex Sports page is beaming with activity as well. Timex being a watch company, has an abundance of watch talk.

The Polar USA page on Facebook is very active with very regular updates from Polar and an active community commenting on those updates – good to see.

Who Cares?

The reason why I am bringing this up in a post review of the New Balance N4 heart rate monitor is because I want you to realise that the reason New Balance has moved from just arches to now many other things including heart rate monitors is because they listen to what their customers want and need.

New Balance has grown a community of 100,000s over many different countries and departments because they set aside resources to create these circles. I have no doubt that just because the company major’s in shoes doesn’t mean they can’t minor in heart rate watches.

The N4 is most definitely not a New Balance brain fart. It is calculated move to provide their fans and customers with a product they need and want.

So What Do I Get With The Watch?

The heart rate monitor is marketed to fit running women. Makes sense considering New Balance’s roots. The watch has been tailored for the runner and designed to fit a women’s wrist and chest (chest strap) comfortably.

The watch has every feature a running women would want including:

  • Target heart rate zones with visible and audible alarms
  • 10 workout average and maximum heart rate tracking
  • Calories burned
  • All the normal watch features: date, time of day, stopwatch
  • Water resistance.

What’s The Amazon Reviewer Vibe?

The vibe is positive. Out of 19 reviews 15 were either 4 or 5 star ratings.

The most helpful critical reviews discussed issues with battery life (not sure if they were talking chest strap or watch battery – best guess would be chest strap). Two people mentioned issues with battery life. Not sure what to make of that – possibly they just got crap batteries?

Another fiddly issue was with the chest strap transmission to the watch being interfered with. If the watch had a digital transmission (coded) I am guessing New Balance would heavily market that aspect but they have not. So it is most definitely an analog signal and susceptible to radio interference (cell phones, wii controllers etc). Keep that in mind. For $60 I would not expect a coded transmission.

Well look here, someone mentioned good customer service with New Balance. My intuition may have been correct above. I said the size of the Facebook community is probably proportional to how much the brand cares for their customers. New Balance has a massive community and customer service praise – good stuff.

If you have $60 to spend, are a women, a runner and like standing behind the New Balance brand go for this watch. If you have any issues just go get some feedback from the buzzing New Balance community on Facebook.

In the box:

  • 1 New Balance N4 heart rate monitor
  • 1 Chest strap
  • 1 Users manual

I Would Like One Please.

*Amazon Prices Vary Over Time. The price listed here may have gone up or down when you read this. Check Amazon page linked to for latest price. Cheers.

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