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The Watch I use Everyday, Every Damn Day!

PRODUCT: ProForm Pro Heart Rate Monitor, Strapless, Water Resistant, Calore Counter

I’m Probably Pro Form’s Most Enthusiastic Customer

Overall I am the only one that has reviewed this heart rate monitor on Amazon. I gave it 4 stars.

My logic for 4 is based on its tendency to sometimes piss me off and not sense my pulse after a big sprinting session. I’m guessing that my HR is too high for the watch to accurately compute it. There is most likely a range for which the watch is say 5% accurate. My max HR is probably out of the range. I remember reading something like that in the manual.

Still, I’m very happy. I buy a new one every 6 months. I think they look cool and they’re awesome to take off at a party and get others and see who has the lowest resting heart rate. I don’t know what sort of parties you’re going to, but mine are awesome 🙂

I buy a new one every 6 months because, on average, that’s been how long it takes for the HR function to stop working. I use the bloody thing everyday! I use it in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. So it will undoubtedly last longer than 6 months for you.

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Pro Form
Resting of 45 BPM

See, there’s my heart rate monitor.

If you look really close, the watch actually has the brandname Sportline. But I scoured the internet looking at all the Sportline range of heart monitors and my watch is definitely the Pro Form pictured above not Sportline.

I live in Australia, so I’m thinking it got renamed to Sportline because of trademark issues with the name of an Australian company also called Pro-form – not sure.

So as I said I go through one of these every 6 months. I’m on my fifth or sixth at this point. And of those 6, two had buttons fall off after 3 months. The heart sensing button was still sweet. It was the stop/start button and reset button that fell off. I hacked up a solution and kept going with them till the 6 months was up.


The Watch

  • Strapless but yet ECG accurate
  • Gender setting
  • Age setting (so it can output % of max)
  • 1 year warranty (hmm, maybe I should return mine?)
  • Calories burned counter

In the box:

  • 1 Pro Form Pro heart rate monitor watch
  • 1 User guide

*This watch has my special highly personal seal of approval*

Buy from Amazon for $45.96


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