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PRODUCT: Isokinetics Strapless Heart Rate Monitor, With 7 Colors To Choose From, With Stop Watch, With 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

A Gosh Darn Respectable 3.5 star rating off 23 customer reviews on Amazon.

Isokinetics Aren’t Messing Around – No Middle Men Here!

So I alluded to this fact in my review of the cheapest watch on Amazon – $9.84 that anyone can actually cut out the middle men and get thousands of heart rate monitors shipped directly to their front door – and for quite cheap. So here is a link to 50 heart rate watch manufacturers in China and Hong Kong. Go and start your own heart rate monitor company. The watches look pretty crap but if you hunted and actually did some research you could find a very respectable manufacturer to supply you with say 1000 watches a month for $5 a piece.

Isokinetics has done exactly this. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! They have a 30 day money back guarantee because they know some of the watches will be defective out of the box (5% at least) and they want to keep a good brand name.

How Basic Is This Watch?

It has a timer, heart rate, percent of max heart rate, time of day, alarm, backlight and is water resistant.

The watch comes in 2 wrist band sizes: regular and small. You can only get the black color in regular size. A.Tang “deepbluc” said on Amazon that only the black, regular size watch has high and low heart beat percent indication (telling you what percent of max your current heart rate is at). The small band size, as he says, does not have the timer function either. Keep that in mind if you are buying one for you and your girlfriend or wife – she won’t get the fully stocked watch if you get her one of the colorful ones.

What’s The Heart Rate Accuracy?

With any heart rate monitor there is mixed thoughts on this. Always there are outliers who can never get an accurate heart rate displayed and there are others who are the opposite.

Being a strapless monitor, you have to touch and hold a button on the front screen to measure your heart rate. K. Taraz “KiA” alludes to this and believes the watch is less than ideal for biking. She found it frustrating that when she held the button during exercise many times should would not get a heart rate. The manual even says,”[if it doesn’t work within 3-8 seconds] wait and try again later.”

Another, unimportant to me but maybe a game breaker for you, “defect” with this watch is the time clock is not accurate. K. Taraz mentioned that she set the watch to an atomic clock and 12 hours later it was lagging 2 minutes 10 seconds.

How Does This Watch Compare To The Cheapest Watch On Amazon?

  1. This watch costs $35 and the cheapest heart rate monitor on Amazon is $10
  2. This watch comes with a users manual
  3. This watch comes in 7 different colors
  4. This watch has a more accurate heart rate monitor (crucial)
  5. This watch has a brand name behind it. The cheapest watch is called 3-in-1.

All and all I think buying this watch is a risk worth taking. It is a colorful perfect first heart rate monitor. About 60% of the reviews are 4 and 5 star ratings, which is good to know.


The Watch

Straight off the Isokinetics website.

  • Quick Touch Technology for fast and easy ECG
  • No chest strap required
  • Accurate heart rate
  • Time of day
  • Alarm and hourly chime alerts
  • Chronograph function
  • Large LCD for easy viewing
  • Back light for viewing in dark
  • Water resistant up to 165 feet
  • Limited 1 year warranty


Straight off the Isokinetics website.

  • Heart Rate
    • Heart Rate Range : 43-200 BPM
    • Upper and Lower limit heart rate zones/alerts (Black model)
  • Time
    • AM, PM, hour, minute, second
    • 12/24 hour format
    • Calendar: Month, date, day display with auto leap year adjustment
  • Alarm
    • One (1) alarm time
    • Hourly chime
    • Alarm duration: 30 seconds
  • Chronograph Timer
    • Resolution: 1/100 second
    • Measuring Range: 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds

In the box:

  • 1 Isokinetics heart rate monitor
  • 1 Users manual

I Want The Black One, Please!

*Amazon Prices Vary Over Time. The price listed here may have gone up or down when you read this. Check Amazon page linked to for latest price. Cheers.

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