Heart Rate Monitor Reviews GSI Super Quality GK568 Heart Rate Monitor

The Swiss Army Knife Of Heart Rate Monitors

PRODUCT: GSI Super Quality GK568 Heart Rate Monitor, With Chest Strap, With USB Built Into Watch, With Pedometer, With Distance Travelled, With Instantaneous Speed, With Calories Burned

5 stars off 3 reviews on Amazon.

Wholly Molly Its Got Everything!

So I’m very impressed at this point. GSI has managed to pack in $200 worth of features and the watch only costs $50.

The reviews on Amazon are all positive – very positive. The 3 reviewers reckon the watch works perfect, looks good and the chest strap is very comfortable.

Let’s list all those features out again:

  1. Heart rate monitor (continuous; comes with chest strap)
  2. Pedometer
  3. Calories burned
  4. USB built into watch
  5. Watch measures instant speed and distance
  6. Has stopwatch, alarm, date and time
  7. Supposedly this watch can sense whether you are running or walking
  8. Has 3 target heart rate alarms
  9. Can display average, maximum and minimum heart rates
  10. Water resistant.

Roger Doger – I Want One!

I don’t normally do this but I’ll tell you what: I’m going to let that feature set speak for itself. I’m sort of speechless. If the watch is accurate and reliable, which it supposedly is, then I think Polar better watch out.

The GSI has a 5 star rating off 3 reviewers (who are very very happy).

It’s a real gadget man’s watch.

In the box:

  • 1 GSI Super Quality GK568 heart rate monitor and all the other features
  • 1 Hefty users manual

I’m In Need Of One And Now!

*Amazon Prices Vary Over Time. The price listed here may have gone up or down when you read this. Check Amazon page linked to for latest price. Cheers.

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