Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS and Heart Monitor

Where in the World is Garmin Sandiego?

PRODUCT: Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver and Heart Rate Monitor

4.5/5 off 1,895 customer reviews. Wholly guacamole! And only 3% gave it 1 star. Could be on to a winner here folks!

You’ll Never Lose It – It’s Like An Updated Wrist Calculator Made Cool

Check how big it is – scroll down at this link to see a photo of it on someone’s wrist.

What Does This Big Boy Do?

  1. It is a wrist mounted training computer first and foremost capable of tracking heart rate, calories burned, distance, elevation, grade, heading, pace, lap heart-rate, average heart-rate and heart-rate zones
  2. It has a state of the art GPS receiver
  3. You can add the bike sensor ($35) to monitor speed while cycling (by measuring cadence and performing a calc)
  4. Much more built in… but those are the top features.

Garmin Sandiego is a fictional character. Probably a solid choice for the Garmin company mascot. “She” lovesher Garmin and has taken it on her many “journeys” to showcase its power. She has written many top selling adventure books. Which are top sellers on the planet Epsilon.

Her accomplishments include:

  • Climbing Mount Everest, having lunch, and coming back down for dinner with the sherpas
  • Swimming UPSTREAM the Amazon river. Ascending all and any waterfalls
  • Snowboarding down every run on Whistler and Black-comb IN ONE DAY
  • Running from her home to the cinemas to watch the latest Twilight movie.

The point is the Garmin Forerunner is a multipurpose training GPS device that is capable of almost anything you can think of (all of Garmin’s treks for sure). And definitely capable of most anything you would need. It is waterproof even though it doesn’t really look it, it is!

What Are Some Complaints and Issues The Minority Are Having?

  • “The first day I got it the Enter button stopped working […] was quickly shipped a new one […] heart rate monitor function on the watch stopped working […] shipped a new chest monitor [strap] […] customer service is EXTREMELY painful.” From W.Know.
  • “[…] heart rate monitor stopped working in less than six months.” From Oliver.

So I love reading reviews and especially comments that make me laugh. I found this gem of a review. Go and read the whole review and comments if you would like. I will briefly review here:

“Slow Runner” goes out for a marathon and is excited to use his Garmin to track his heart-rate and other data over the course. After finished goes to upload the data to view on PC and relises the software in the watch has a glitch and couldn’t record past mile 13.

He calls Garmin customer service and they argue with him for 30 minutes and suggest he reset the watch and go drive 26 miles (a marathon in his car – haha).

The “glitch” as suggested by J.Wells in the comments section is that the data logger is logging data too frequently and the size of the data file becomes too large (watch stops logging). However, Slow Runner says it only took him 2 hours to get to mile 13.

For $128.54 there is no doubt this is a bargain. Most of the complaints are customer service related. Overall it has 4.5 stars off nearly 2,000 reviews. I’d grab this one before they discontinue it in favor of its newer more expensive counterpart (Garmin 310XT $399.99)


See: Amazon Page

In the box:

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Whats In The Garmin Forerunner Box

  • As pictured above (pic modified from this pic)
  • 1 Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Reveiver With Heart Rate Monitor
  • 1 USB Cradle (for connecting to PC)
  • 1 AC charger
  • 1 Chest Strap for heart rate monitor
  • 1 Users manual (Docs)

I would like to receive everything that’s in that box there


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