How I Be Reviewin’ The Heart Rate Monitors

I figure I better set a basic format for my heart rate monitor reviews. And I better let “the people” know what that format is. That’s this post.

I can’t take full credit for the layout my reviews will take. Woot.com is a daily deals website that was acquired by Amazon a little while ago. I love how personal woot’s product reviews are. And so I am going to take what they got and modify it slightly for the better – for heart rate monitors.

Woot’s format is:

  • Product playful commentary and discussion
  • Warranty
  • Condition
  • Features
  • Additional photos
  • In the box

Heart rate monitors reviews tips.com format will be:

  • Heart rate monitor playful discussion and looksy at Amazon best and worst reviews
  • Features
  • In the box

I hope this will suffice?

I know from past experience hunting down heart rate monitors on Amazon: I look at price, brand and basic features like chest strap or no chest strap. If the monitor is over, say, $65 then I want to know why. So expect a longer review for more expensive monitors. That is all. Pretty simple and to the meat.


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