Heart Rate Monitor Reviews ePulse2 Strapless Continuous Monitoring Heart Rate Monitor

Is It Possible To Continuously Monitor My Heart Rate But Not Wear An Annoying Chest Strap?

Now It Is!

PRODUCT: ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor, With Calories Burned, Strapless, With Rechargeable Battery

A very strong 4.5 star rating off 26 reviews on amazon.

Start the Chest Strapless Heart Rate Monitoring Trend, You Trend Starter You!

I want to start this trend – pronto!

I must say I am a huge fan of this impressive technology.ePulse2 Arm Band Placement The maker of the ePulse2, Impact Sports Technologies, has developed a way to sense heart rate through the band of this monitor. So you place it on your upper forearm as pictured and it picks up your heart rate and continuously monitors it.

As you can imagine, the technology does have some minor drawbacks, which I’ll explain after briefly explaining how this thing works.

So it seems that Impact Sports Technologies has developed a simple light emitting sensor and attached it to the inside of the watch face. That sensor pushes out light (wavelengths) and the job of that light-sensor-microchip combo is to “see” your pulse through your arm. Each time your heart beats, your blood vessels expand as blood gushes through them. The sensor just picks up that change, the microchip then does some simple calc’s and you see your heart rate on the display.

The light “ray”, sensor, microchip and OLED display all require power and continuous power at that. The battery on the ePulse is rechargeable (via an included wall charger) but annoyingly weak! It doesn’t last longer than 3 hours (of continuous monitoring). The manual gauges 6.5 hours battery life for the “continuous” monitoring mode and 13 hours for the “on demand” mode.

What Are Some Amazon Customers Saying?

Tom O. Scott “tomscott” mentions in his review on Amazon that the watch dies on him while on his 50 mile cycling rides. He hates it for this reason. He wishes it would last longer. Every time the battery cuts out during his training he loses all his data as well.

Normal continuous monitoring watches with chest straps have batteries in the watch and the chest strap so this problem is non-existent. So if you require continuous monitoring for longer than 3 hours – go with the traditional chest strap monitors.

Perfect For Cyclists!

Xx91X loves the ePulse2. In her Amazon review she praises the truly chest strapless monitor. She is a cyclist and enjoys not wearing a chest strap (because chest straps are not the most comfortable bits of gear) and still seeing a continuos heart rate displayed.

Start the Trend!

I really see ePulse2 and its next generations as pioneer heart rate monitors. Impact Sports Technologies are really pushing the boundaries of heart rate monitor innovation. If you want to be the cool kid on the block I suggest you go and pickup the ePulse2 today.

When I was a young one I remember always wishing I had the newest set of cool sneakers on the block. When I got a job I saved up the money and bought the best and newest pair of K-Swiss sneakers (yes K-Swiss was making some sweet shoes 10 years ago). With those sneakers on I was invincible. I ran the fastest, looked the coolest and started the trend of K-Swiss shoes. Sadly, I am serious.

Do you have a memory like this? Was there a gadget, pair of shoes or sunnies you wish you had growing up? If you failed to capitalise and start that trend – now is your chance to redeem yourself…

Grab the ePulse2 strapless (truly strapless) heart rate monitor and your gym buddies, running partner, bike mates, spotter, dad, brother, and wife will all want to copy you.

The ePulse2 With All It’s Epic Features:

  • Water resistant but not submergible
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Color day/night OLED display
  • Calories burned
  • Stopwatch
  • Continuous heart rate with no chest strap
  • Max, min and average heart rate over a training session (tracking)
  • Heart rate based zone training
  • Total exercise time
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 90 day limited warranty

In the box:

I want to start this trend – pronto!

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