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Honey, Will You Marry Me?


PRODUCT: Carepeutic RING Heart Rate Monitor, Strapless, With Stopwatch, With Pedometer, With Calories Burned, With Clock, With Distance Travelled

A not so awesome 2.5 star rating off 6 reviews on Amazon.

Not Unless You Get Me a Proper Diamond Ring!

Dudes out there, listen up. It doesn’t matter how much your girlfriend is into fitness – do not ask her to marry you with this ring. I thought it would be somewhat awesome (and un-cliche) to pop the question with this little ring gadget in hand. NAH! Wasn’t very cool and didn’t go down how I imagined. Needless to say my ex-girlfriend slapped me in the face and the ring out of my hand.

Although that is a paragraph of fiction, I strongly recommend for you not to give this puppy to your girl as a wedding ring. Sounds obvious, but geez there is some serious fitness fanatics out there!

Pfft, Your Crazy, My Girlfriend Would Love For Me To Propose With That Ring In Hand. I Want One!

Why The Doldrum Ratings On Amazon?

1,2 and 3 Star. Beatriz A. Viera reckons the device tries to do too much all at once. With a heart rate monitor, stopwatch, pedometer, calorie counter, clock and distance meter Beatriz kinda thinks the Carepeutic people pulled off a jack of all trades but master of none gadget. Flipping from feature to feature is cumbersome.

D.J.D. “djdjd04” flat out couldn’t get the heart rate monitor to fit on her hand. She has what she thinks are normal hands and the ring would not even fit on her thumb – just too big.

Both Bud Curtis and L. Anderson gave the Carepeutic 1 star ratings. Neither of them could get accurate heart rate readings off the monitor.

Take down these reviews with an ice cold glass of water. Relax and really access if you want a monitor on your finger? If this was the most accurate monitor on earth for $50 would you buy it?

For me this is not practical as a monitor or as a wedding ring. For you I don’t know? For my fictional ex-girlfriend – I know.

5 Star. At least 1 person was happy! Susan C. Parks gave the ring nothing but praise. She loves it!

I’m Sort Of Interested. Tell Me More About How It Works.

It’s not hard. There are 6 functions to toggle on the Carepeutic ring:

  1. Pedometer
  2. Heart rate monitor
  3. Calories burned tracker
  4. Clock
  5. Stopwatch
  6. Distance travelled meter

The pedometer, distance travelled meter and calories burned are linked. When you put the ring into “step mode” it will intuitively tell you distance travelled, steps taken and calories burned. When you stop stepping for a certain amount of time (a few minutes) the monitor will go to sleep. When you get up and go walking again you will just need to tap the button to get going again.

The rest of the functionality is easily explained in the users manual.

What’s In The Box?

Yes Please, I want one!

*Amazon Prices Vary Over Time. The price listed here may have gone up or down when you read this. Check Amazon page linked to for latest price. Cheers.

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